Friday , 17 January 2020

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Soleimani killing part of new strategy of ‘real deterrence,’ says Pompeo

Al-Arabia – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday said Qassem Soleimani was killed as part of a broader strategy of deterring challenges by US foes that also applies to China and Russia, further diluting the assertion that the top Iranian general was struck because he was plotting imminent attacks on US targets.In his speech at Stanford University’s Hoover …

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US troops describe ‘miraculous’ escape at Iraqi base attacked by Iran

Al-Arabia – Troops at the Iraqi air base that bore the brunt of Iran’s first direct missile attack against US forces said they were shocked by its intensity and grateful to emerge unscathed. The scale of the damage at the Ain al-Assad base showed Iran’s destructive capability at a time when US officials say they are still concerned that Iran-backed …

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Germany, Britain, France Trigger Dispute Mechanism Over Iranian Breaches Of Nuke Deal

RFL/RE – Germany, Britain, and France say they have triggered a dispute mechanism in the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and global powers, citing Tehran’s reduced compliance with the accord. The three European states, who signed the deal along with China, Russia, and the United States, as well as the European Union, said that while they had set off a …

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Iranian President Pledges Punishment For Downing of Ukrainian Plane

VOA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani pledged Tuesday to punish those responsible for the accidental downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet, calling the incident “unforgivable.” In a televised speech, Rouhani called for a special court to be set up, and said, “the whole world will be watching.” Also Tuesday, an Iranian judiciary spokesman said some people had been arrested for …

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Ukraine Knew Iran Had Downed Airliner But Didn’t Go Public, Official Says

RFL/RE – Ukraine knew on a preliminary basis that Iran shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 on January 8, the same day as the incident, but decided not to go public with the information because it wanted to get access to the crash site.Kyiv knew conclusively that Iran’s military was to blame the following day, yet told its embassy …

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