Wednesday , 22 May 2024

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Concerns Grow Over Jewish-Iranian Man Facing Execution

iranintl – Activists are warning that a Jewish-Iranian man may face execution after an act of self-defense resulted in the death of an Iranian Muslim in the southwestern city of Kermanshah. Nethanel Ghahremani, in his early 20s, received a Qisas ruling, or “retributive justice,” after allegedly defending himself against a knife attack two years ago. In Iran’s Islamic courts, “Qisas” …

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Five Prisoners Executed in Iran Over Drug-Related Charges

iranintl – In the early hours of Friday, five Iranians convicted of drug-related offenses were hanged at Urmia Central Prison, northwest of Iran, as authorities have significantly accelerated executions. Hengaw Human Rights Organization, a Kurdish rights group, says the executed prisoners were identified as Parvin Mousavi, 50; Mansour Naseri, 45; Parviz Ghasemi, 35; Yousef Saeidi Chehreh, 32; and Ramin Lavandi, …

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US Codifies Sanctions Exemption to Help Iranians Access Internet

iranintl – The Biden administration has amended federal regulations to exempt internet communications services from Iran sanctions, allowing Iranians to access certain American software, hardware and services. The existing ‘sanctions waiver’ was granted by the US Treasury in September 2022, as thousands across Iran took to the streets following the death in custody of the 22-year old Mahsa Amini, who …

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Rouhani, Zarif Kept In Dark Over Airliner Downing: Former Official

iranintl – Former President Hassan Rouhani’s chief of staff claims that the IRGC concealed the truth about the downing of Flight PS752 from Rouhani for three days, while authorities attributed the crash to technical issues. According to Mahmoud Vaezi, Rouhani insisted on immediately issuing a statement to admit the truth when he found out. “I want to say Rouhani persevered …

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Insider Says Iran Speaker Has Eyes on Presidency, Amid Infighting

iranintl – While hardliner factions in Iran’s new parliament are vying for the Speakership, an aide to former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims this competition is not the main event in Iran’s political landscape. Abbas Amirifar, who is better known as Ahmadinejad’s exorcist, says incumbent Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf’s main political ambition is defeating President Ebrahim Raisi in the 2025 Presidential election. …

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