Friday , 30 July 2021

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Sweeping arrests of locals amid water protests in southwest Iran

Iran-HRM – Iran’s IRGC and security forces have rounded up and detained scores of locals amid the ongoing protests over water shortage in Kuzestan Province. According to activists and local reports, the state security forces arrested several injured protesters from hospitals. A number of activists who had been previously arrested during the widespread protests in November 2019, are among those …

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Fifth Death Reported In Iran As Violent Protests Over Water Shortages Continue

RFL/RE – One person was shot dead in Iran during the eighth consecutive night of protests over severe water shortages, bringing the death toll in the unrest to at least five. Two people also suffered gunshot wounds in the streets of Aligudarz, a town in the western province of Lorestan, state broadcaster IRIB’s website reported on July 23. The …

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US mulls crackdown on Chinese imports of Iranian oil

Al-Arabia – The United States is considering cracking down on Iranian oil sales to China as it braces for the possibility that Tehran may not return to nuclear talks or may adopt a harder line whenever it does, a US official said. Washington told Beijing earlier this year its main aim was to revive compliance with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and, …

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US launches inquiry into Qatar’s alleged finance activities in Iran

Al-Arabia – The United States’ Department of State has launched an inquiry into an allegation made by the Israeli government stating that Qatar’s royal family funded Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, a US-designated terrorist organization, online news organization the Washington Examiner reported Friday. The Israeli government report said that a spokesman from the state department told the Washington-based news agency about the ongoing …

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Iranian Regime Empowered: Violating US Sovereignty, Kidnapping on American Soil – Why is the Biden administration continuing to negotiate with the mullahs of Iran to revive the nuclear deal and lift sanctions placed against them — an act that would hugely strengthen their regime — after the country, during nuclear talks, was caught plotting to kidnap a US citizen in Brooklyn, New York? The message for the Biden administration, …

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