Thursday , 28 January 2021

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Political activist Yousef Kari in dire health conditions after 7 days of hunger strike

Iran-HRM – Political activist Yousef Kari was transferred to the dispensary of the Prison of Ardabil on the seventh day of his hunger strike. Mr. Kari protested the insults and foul language used by the prison’s observer assistant prosecutor against him by going on hunger strike. Violation of the rights of political prisoners as well as his segregation and transfer …

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US-Iran Relations: A Long Way From There, Experts Agree

Iranwire – On Wednesday, January 20, Joe Biden was inaugurated as 46th President of the United States. With the US rejoining the Paris climate accords within hours of his instalment in the White House, followed by the World Health Organization earlier today, there is every sign that the lifelong Democrat and former vice-president in the Obama administration is already making …

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Health Officials Finally Admit Hepatitis A Outbreak in Khuzestan

Iranwire – After nearly two months of denial, a senior official in Khuzestan has admitted the province has been hit by an outbreak of Hepatitis A. Mohammad Nejatipour, the governor of Baghmalek county in the northern part of the province, confirmed 17 positive cases among residents of the village of Lalab in Mangesht district, as well as in other areas. Prior …

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Prices in Iran Continue to Soar Despite Better Exchange Rates

Iranwire – The average price of the dollar in the first month of winter decreased by about 17 percent compared to the first month of autumn. According to Iran’s Central Bank statistics, in September last year the average price of the US dollar was 29,342 tomans on the black market. The average market price in January has reached 25,000 tomans. However, …

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Iran’s Domestic, Diaspora Critics Differ on How Biden May Counter Tehran’s Objectionable Behavior

VOA – Prominent Iran-based and Iranian diaspora critics of Tehran’s Islamist rulers have differing expectations about how far U.S. President Joe Biden will go to implement his promised new approach to dealing with Iran’s objectionable behavior. Biden, who took office on Wednesday, has vowed to use diplomacy in coordination with U.S. allies to try to rejoin the Joint Comprehensive Plan of …

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