Thursday , 25 April 2019

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Tehran Prayer Leader Says ‘God Is Testing’ Iran By Sanctions And Calls Floods ‘A Blessing’

Radiofarda – God is testing the people of Iran through international pressures, Tehran’s interim Friday Prayer Imam told a congregation in the capital city, adding, “Why are you afraid of the sanctions being intensified? The hell with the sanctions and their escalation”. Tehran’s interim Friday Prayer Imam Kazem Seddiqi. File photo The mid-ranking cleric, Ayatollah Kazem Seddiqi (Seddighi), reproached people …

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Iraq Parliament To Host Regional Rivals In Baghdad

AFP – Iraq will host senior officials from neighbouring countries including regional arch-rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran on Saturday, as it carves out a role as a mediator in the deeply divided region. The one-day summit will bring together parliament heads from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Kuwait, a parliamentary spokesman told AFP. Iran, one of Iraq’s closest allies …

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No Visa Charge For Iranian Visitors To Iraqi Kurdistan, Says Official

Radiofarda -AIranian official news agency IRNA on Friday April 19 quoted the Iranian Consulate General in Sulaymaniyah as having announced that the “Iraqi Kurdistan Region has underlined its commitment to Baghdad decision to lift charges on visa for Iranian nationals.” According to IRNA, Earlier, the Iraqi Council of Ministers passed a bill on March 27 to lift visa charges for …

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Iran’s Intelligence Minister Boasts Of Wide-Ranging Successes

Radiofarda – Iran has discovered the identity of 290 “CIA agents” both in Iran and in other countries, and dismantled dozens of terror cells, boasted Iran’s Intelligence minister on Friday, April 19. Mahmoud Alavi also claimed that Iranian intelligence agents have discovered and arrested “tens of spies” serving at “sensitive centers” of the country, over the last Iranian calendar year …

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Locusts Hit Iran’s Southern Provinces

Radiofarda – Iranian Plant Protection Organization (IPPO) warned on Thursday, April 18, that if the necessary budget for fighting desert locusts is not provided within two weeks, nothing could be done, and a locust breakout turns into a new crisis, alongside the flash floods. According to the government’s official news agency (IRNA), desert locusts from Saudi Arabia have penetrated the …

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