Tuesday , 17 July 2018

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Political Prisoner Deprived Of Essential Medical Treatment

Iran-HRM – Saeed Shirzad imprisoned human rights defender, has been deprived of receiving health care despite being in need of specialized medical care.

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Prison Guards Attacked Prisoners In Ardebil And Rajaei Shahr Prisons

Iran-HRM – On the morning of July 8th, prison guards attacked Band 7 – the political prisoners’ section in the central prison of Ardebil. They interrogated and searched all of the prisoners’ belongings and also ruined a part of the ward’s wall.

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Telegram Channel Managers Arrested, Iranian MP Says Telegram Should Be Blocked

Iran-HRM – Payam Dorafshan, a lawyer, stated that a number of telegram channel managers have been summoned to the judiciary in the city of Isfahan. He pointed out by referring to a message which was sent to the Telegram managers a few months ago, that one day the security agencies send messages on the Telegram mentioning that any activities done …

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Argentina Asks Russia To Arrest, Extradite Iran’s Velayati On Moscow Visit

RFL/RE – Argentina’s Foreign Ministry says it has asked Russia to arrest and extradite former Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati, citing his alleged role in a 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people.

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Israel: Russia Understands Our Concerns with Iran in Syria

VOA – An Israeli official says Prime Minister Netanyahu’s latest meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin ended with Putin expressing understanding for Israel’s call for Iranian forces to be ejected from Syria.

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