Wednesday , 22 May 2024

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Security Crisis Stirs Iran With Violent Crimes, Brutal Hijab Enforcement

Iranwire – Iran is facing a growing security crisis as violent incidents plague cities and social media floods with outrage over police brutality against women defying mandatory hijab laws. On Tuesday, images emerged of a machete attack at a Delfan County hospital in Lorestan province. Videos reportedly show attackers threatening individuals in the emergency department. Local media claims the perpetrators …

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Iran Executes Kurdish Man After 15 Years in Prison

Iranwire – After enduring 15 years of imprisonment marked by allegations of torture, a member of Iran’s Sunni religious minority has been executed by prison authorities of the Islamic Republic. Khosrow Besharat was hanged in Ghezelhesar prison near Tehran on Wednesday morning, according to the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights.  Besharat was arrested in November 2009 and later sentenced to death …

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Strict Hijab Enforcement Dominates Tehran International Book Fair

Iranwire – “You do not have the right to enter the exhibition with this cover,” one of the Basij women patrolling in front of the entrance gate of the Tehran Book Fair said to a girl attempting to enter. She directed the girl to a nearby booth called “A Good Feeling.” The girl responded, “I came from home with this …

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Jordan Thwarts Iranian Plot to Smuggle Weapons for Sabotage

Iranwire – Jordan has thwarted a suspected Iranian-led plot to smuggle weapons into the US-allied kingdom. The plot, orchestrated by Iranian-backed militias in Syria, intended to supply opponents of the ruling monarchy with arms for potential acts of sabotage.  According to sources cited by Reuters, the weapons were destined for a cell of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan with purported …

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Comrades In Arms: The Mutual Benefits Of Increased North Korean-Iranian Military Cooperation

RFL/RE – Iran and North Korea have a long history of working together to advance their respective military arsenals. Now, increased trade efforts between the two heavily sanctioned countries have raised concerns that they could share advanced missile and nuclear technology. Coming at a time when Tehran and Pyongyang are playing a central role in heightened global tensions, the prospect …

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