Sunday , 9 May 2021

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“Tea Money” for Contracts: New Study Lifts Lid on Iran’s Bribery Culture

Iranwire – A ground-breaking new study by the transparency initiative Iran Open Data has shed light on the role of bribery – otherwise known as “under-the-table”, “tea money”, “colleagues’ share” or “sweets” – in Iranian public life. The report, entitled Bribery Quotes in Iran, focuses on how commonplace bribery has become in Iranian political and administrative bodies. It also attempts to …

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Desertification in Iran: A Ticking Time Bomb?

Iranwire – With the sharp decline in rainfall in Iran, officials in the country’s various water departments are reporting record-breaking low reserves and issuing warnings about the need to save water. Is this level of drought genuinely unexpected in Iran, or do officials bear a degree of responsibility for the ensuing water crisis? What overall impact will the decrease in …

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Iran Wants Nationals Freed from US Jails Amid Nuclear Talks

VOA – Iran said Tuesday it was seeking the release of all Iranian prisoners held in the U.S. amid talks in Vienna meant to bring Tehran and Washington back into the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers. Cabinet spokesman Ali Rabiei also hinted that another exchange of prisoners between Iran and America was possible, saying that “the idea of …

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China Is Extending Its Totalitarian Controls to the Rest of the World – In the Haidilao Hot Pot restaurant in… Vancouver, more than 60 surveillance cameras watch 30 tables and send feeds to China. The cameras, manager Ryan Pan explains, are there to “people track” and are “part of the social credit system in China.” In 2014, China’s State Council issued guidelines for the establishment of a national “social credit system” …

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Habibullah Sheikh-Hosseini Executed on Drug Charges

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – Baluch citizen, Habibullah Sheikh-Hossein has been executed on drug-related charges in Sabzevar Prison. According to Resanak, a man was executed in Sabzevar Prison on the morning of April 26. His identity was established as Zahak native, Habibullah Sheikh-Hosseini, who had been sentenced to death on drug-related charges. He was arrested in Nayin city around two …

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