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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Family of Journalist Killed in Iran Bus Crash Told to Keep Silent

Iranwire – The family of one the victims of last week’s fatal bus crash in West Azerbaijan have been told not to file a complaint if they want her body returned to them. Mahshad Karimi, a reporter for Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA), was killed instantly last Wednesday when a bus carrying journalists home from a tour of Lake Urmia overturned in …

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IranWire Exclusive: Sex Workers in Tehran Jails

Iranwire – In Evin Prison and Greater Tehran Penitentiary, a handful of special-case Iranian prisoners are being offered the VIP treatment from the moment they arrive. Wealth and good connections ensure that certain high-profile convicts, many of whom were sent down for financial crimes involving trillions of tomans’ worth of public money, can access whatever they desire: from flatscreen TVs to new kitchens, …

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Ex-Intelligence Minister: Israeli Infiltration So Deep All Officials Should “Fear for Their Lives”

Iranwire – Israeli infiltration in Iran is so deep that all officials of the Islamic Republic ought to fear for their lives, former Intelligence Minister Ali Younesi has claimed. In an interview with Jamaran News, Younesi blamed the rivalry between parallel intelligence agencies for Mossad’s alleged gains inside Iran: “Instead of fighting against this infiltration, new and parallel organizations in the Ministry of Intelligence are …

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Pentagon Suggests Iran-backed Group Responsible for Rocket Attack in Syria

VOA – The Pentagon is suggesting that Monday’s rocket attack against U.S. forces in Syria was launched by Iranian-backed militia forces.  “We’re all working under the assumption that they (the rockets) were fired by Iran-backed militias or militia. We don’t have specific attribution,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters Tuesday at the Pentagon.  About 34 rockets were fired on …

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Oil Industry Strikes Gain Support Across Iran, Raising Prospect of Confrontation with State

CHRI—The continuation of strikes in Iran’s critical oil and petrochemical facilities—not seen on this scale for more than four decades—and the massive show of support from workers in other sectors, may well be a turning point in the history of Iran’s labor protests. “The Islamic Republic’s response to peaceful public protest has been violent, lethal suppression, and the potential for deadly state …

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Oil Industry Workers Go on National Strike in Iran

CHRI – For the past week workers at refineries, petrochemical plants and power stations in Iran have been on a national strike, demanding payment of back wages, pay increases to reflect inflation and improvements in health and safety at the workplace. The depth and breadth of the strike has raised speculation that it has the potential to cripple the country, similar to …

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Juvenile Offender Ali Arjangi Escapes Gallows

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – Death row juvenile offender Ali Arjangi has escaped the death penalty after paying diya (blood money) to the victim’s family today. Charitable institutions and individuals helped raise the set diya amount. According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, juvenile offender Ali Arjangi who was due to be executed in July, has managed to pay the diya amount set by the …

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