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Iranian Pilgrims to Attend Haj in Saudi Arabia Following Boycott Last Year

thewire -Beirut: Nearly 90,000 Iranians are expected to attend the haj in Medina this year, and were due to start arriving on Sunday, after Tehran boycotted the pilgrimage last year amid tensions with Saudi Arabia. Around 800 pilgrims were due to leave Iran on three flights to Medina on Sunday, the director of the haj at Iran’s Haj and Pilgrimage Organization, Nasrollah Farahmand told state media. Approximately 86,500 Iranians are expected to attend the haj in total this year and 800 coordinators have travelled …

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Amazon under federal investigation for possibly violating Iran sanctions

UPI – Amazon told investors it is under federal investigation after the web-based retailer admitted to selling products to at least one Iranian on the U.S. government’s black list of people allegedly associated with terrorism, a violation of U.S. sanctions against Iran. In its quarterly report to investors, Amazon said it sold approximately $300 worth of goods to an individual blacklisted by the …

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Iran upholds sentences of up to six months for Saudi embassy attackers

Al-Arabia – Iran’s official IRNA news agency has reported that an appeals court has approved the jail sentences for 10 people charged with attacking Saudi diplomatic missions. The report said that a lawyer associated with the case said the prison sentences for the 10 attackers, ranging from three to six months each, was approved by the appeals court. The report’s unnamed …

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Iranian ex-president Ahmadinejad facing sentencing over misuse of funds

Al-Arabia – Iran’s former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, faces sentences on seven verdicts of misusing billions of dollars in government funds while in office, the public prosecutor at Iran’s Supreme Audit Court said in a newspaper interview published on Sunday. In one case, dating back to Ahmadinejad’s second term in office between 2009 and 2013, the misused funds amounted to more than …

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MPs Say Efforts “Continuing” to Free Opposition Leaders Amid Karroubi’s Hospitalization

CHRI – Hospital Visit Could be “Step Towards” Ending House Arrests A member of Parliament who has been blocked from visiting detained opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi in the hospital has revealed that negotiations are ongoing to resolve the extrajudicial house arrests of Karroubi and two other opposition leaders. “We are still continuing these efforts,” said reformist MP Ahmad Mazani in an …

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Iran Condemns Sanctions, Says It Will Pursue Missile Program ‘With Full Power’

RFL/RE – Iran has condemned new sanctions passed by the U.S. Congress over its missile program and vowed to continue it. “We will continue with full power our missile program,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi was quoted as telling state-controlled television on July 29. “We condemn the hostile and unacceptable action,” he said of the sanctions. Ghasemi said Tehran considers consider …

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Iranian guards report new incident with US navy in Gulf

Al-Arabia – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said on Saturday that the US Navy had approached their patrol vessels in the Arabian Gulf and fired flares in what it called a provocative move. “At 4 pm (1130 GMT) on Friday, the supercarrier USS Nimitz and its accompanying warship, while being monitored by the Guards’ frigates, flew a helicopter near the Resalat oil and …

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US Issues Sanctions After Iran Rocket Test

VOA – The United States imposed sanctions Friday on six subsidiaries of a company key to Iran’s ballistic missile program, citing continued “provocative actions” like Tehran’s launch of a rocket capable of putting a satellite into orbit. Iranian state television reported Thursday that Iran had successfully tested a rocket that can deliver satellites into orbit, an action the United States and …

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Iran must not squander opportunity to end executions for drug-related offences

Amnesty – Iranian lawmakers must not miss a historic opportunity to reject the use of the death penalty for drug-related offences and save the lives of thousands of people across the country, said Amnesty International and Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation today. In the coming weeks, Iran’s parliament is expected to vote on a bill that amends Iran’s anti-narcotics law, but fails to …

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