Monday , 20 January 2020

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Republican Senators Introduce Resolution To Support ‘Iranian People’

Radiofarda – Leading republican Senator Lindsey Graham announced January 15 that he and several other Republican senators have introduced a resolution to express support for the “Iranian people who are demanding their freedom…”. Senator Graham released a statement that his senate colleagues, Martha McSally (Arizona), James Lankford (Oklahoma), Marco Rubio (Florida), Joni Ernst (Iowa), Ted Cruz(Texas) and Mitt Romney (Utah) have joined …

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Pro-Regime Friday Rallies Planned In Iranian Cities, Except In Tehran

Radiofarda – The Islamic Propaganda Coordination Organization (IPCO) on Thursday announced that planned pro-regime demonstrations will be held after Friday Prayers nationwide with the exemption of the capital Tehran. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei will lead the prayers in Tehran and deliver a sermon. Exempting Tehran from “nationwide” rallies is unprecedented when Khamenei will be leading the Friday prayers for the …

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Rouhani Under Attack For Not Being Informed About Crucial Developments

Radiofarda – President Hassan Rouhani has tried to defend himself against accusations of not being well-informed about crucial developments that impact the country in significant ways. During the past week, Iranian politicians as well as members of the public have criticized him for not being aware why a Ukrainian airliner crashed near Tehran on January 8. Rouhani said Tuesday on …

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US Envoy In Germany Warns Iran Over Call To ‘Chop British Ambassador Into Pieces’

Radiofarda – The United States Ambassador to Germany warned Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif on Wednesday about a threat made against the British ambassador in Tehran. The United States envoy, Richard Grenell, in a tweet reacted strongly to an Iranian cleric’s threats against the British ambassador and said this should be “loudly and widely condemned in the United States, throughout …

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Iran Security Forces Prevent Continuation Of Student Protests In Tehran

Radiofarda – Iranian social media users on Wednesday reported that warning issued by intelligence and security forces and heavy riot police presence on the streets has forced students to call off planned rallies in Tehran on the fifth day of protests in the country. Since early afternoon social media users posted pictures and videos of large groups of security forces …

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