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Monthly Archives: November 2021

Scoop: Iran preparing to enrich weapons-grade uranium, Israel warns U.S.

axios – Israel has shared intelligence over the past two weeks with the U.S. and several European allies suggesting that Iran is taking technical steps to prepare to enrich uranium to 90% purity — the level needed to produce a nuclear weapon, two U.S. sources briefed on the issue tell me. Why it matters: Enriching to 90% would bring Iran closer …

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Leaked papers link Xinjiang crackdown with China leadership

theguardian – Excerpts from previously unpublished documents directly linking China’s crackdown on Uyghur Muslims and other minorities in Xinjiang province to speeches by the Chinese leadership in 2014 have been put online. The documents – including three speeches by Chinese president Xi Jinping in April 2014 – cover security, population control and the need to punish the Uyghur population. Some are marked top …

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Arab coalition targets IRGC site in Yemen’s Sanaa: Report

Al-Arabia – The Arab coalition fighting in Yemen said on Tuesday it launched air raids on “legitimate” Houthi military targets in the capital Sanaa including a “secret” site belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, state TV reported. The coalition asked civilians not to gather around or approach potential targets. The Iran-backed Houthis’ main broadcaster, Al Masirah TV, said three air …

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France’s Macron Urges Iran To Engage In ‘Constructive’ Nuclear Talks In Vienna

RFL/RE – French President Emmanuel Macron has called on his Iranian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi, to engage in a “constructive manner” in ongoing international negotiations in Vienna to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers.In telephone talks on November 29, Macron told Raisi that Paris’s objective is “to see Iran return to full respect for all of its …

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November 2019: The ‘Mourning Mothers’ Become ‘Mothers for Justice’

Iranwire – Two years have passed since the security forces of the Islamic Republic brutally suppressed peaceful protests by the Iranian people in November 2019, killing a reported 1500 citizens, according to Reuters. On the second anniversary of this massacre, the families of those who were murdered are now facing yet more pressure from the regime, which wants them to stop speaking …

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George Haroonian: Antisemitism is Inherent to the Islamic Republic

Iranwire – Antisemitism has compelled tens of thousands of Iranian Jews to leave their homes and move abroad over the past 42 years. Those who chose to remain in the Islamic Republic have had to endure continuous hatred, promoted and institutionalized by the state. Since the foundation of the Islamic Republic, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, state-owned news agencies and …

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Isfahan: Instead of Crushing Protests, the Iranian Government Should Solve Its Water Crisis

CHRI – The Iranian security and military forces’ violent crackdown on large protests in the city of Isfahan that broke out over severe state mismanagement of water resources is more evidence of the Ebrahim Raisi government’s policy of zero tolerance of public criticism and dissent. “People from various sectors of society are protesting the state’s incompetence in resolving fundamental crises that are …

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Iran will not hold talks with US in Vienna over nuclear deal: Iran foreign ministry

Al-Arabia – Tehran will not hold bilateral talks with the US delegation in the Vienna talks over Iran’s nuclear deal, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said at a news conference. The European Union official chairing the Iran nuclear talks said separately on Monday that he had met Chinese, Russian and Iranian negotiators on Sunday and that he would meet …

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More Than 200 Iranians Said Arrested, Dozens Wounded In Crackdown On Water Shortage Protests

RFL/RE – A U.S.-based news outlet that covers news in Iran says at least 214 people, including 13 minors, were arrested last week in a police crackdown on demonstrators protesting crippling water shortages in the central city of Isfahan.Thirty people were wounded in the eyes by pellets fired by police officers on November 26, according to the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA).Severe drought …

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