Saturday , 28 November 2020

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Inhumane and Grim Conditions in Mahabad Prison, New Report Says

Iran-HRM – Recent reports indicate horrific health and hygienic conditions in Mahabad Prison. The Coronavirus has plagued the prison and prisoners are at high risk of infection. A number of staff and employees at the prison have already contracted COVID-19. No accurate figures are available on the number of fatalities and COVID-19 cases in this prison. However, it is known …

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Imprisoned Workers’ Representatives Start Hunger Strike in SW Iran Prison

Iran-HRM – Four imprisoned Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Company workers have started a hunger strike in protest at their unlawful detention. The four men who represented the workers were were arrested at their homes on October 29 and detained detained for “disrupting public order” and were interrogated without access to their lawyers. According to the Telegram channel of Haft Tappeh Sugarcane …

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Coronavirus Outbreak Among Political Prisoners in Tehran

Iran-HRM – At least 20 political prisoners detained in November 2019 protests have been infected with OVID-19 in the Greater Tehran Penitentiary.Limitations have been implemented for these prisoners in calling their families to prevent the news from leaking out. These prisoners who are held in the prison’s Section 2, have been experiencing symptoms such as fever and chills, dizziness, body aches, …

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Iran’s supreme leader breaks silence on US election

Al-monitor – Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei defended his country’s overall stance toward the United States as a “calculated” policy that will not change based on “who enters or leaves” the Oval Office. While admitting that “things may happen” under certain US presidents, Khamenei said, “This does not concern the Islamic Republic.” The Iranian supreme leader made the televised comments on the anniversary …

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70% of prisoners in Iran involved in drug crimes – About 70 percent of prisoners in Iran are directly and indirectly involved in drug-related crimes, Eskandar Momeni, the director of headquarters for the fight against narcotics, has said.  Some 40 percent of the inmates in prisons are convicted of drug smuggling directly and 30 percent indirectly, he stated. According to Momeni, many social harms such as divorce, violent …

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