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Report: U.S. To Impose Sanctions On Dozens Of Targets Tied To Iran Weapons

Radiofarda – The United States on September 21 will sanction more than two dozen people and entities involved in Iran’s nuclear, missile, and conventional weapons programs, a senior U.S. official told Reuters. The United States on September 19 unilaterally reimposed all UN sanctions against Iran, despite opposition from some of Washington’s closest European allies and uncertainty over their impact. Secretary …

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Rouhani Warns Against A Disease More Dangerous Than COVID-19

Radiofarda – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has referred to a virus in Iran’s neighborhood that is “more dangerous” than COVID-19. Speaking at a session on Saturday of the Coronavirus Fight National Headquarters in Tehran, Rouhani claimed, “I have heard that there is a disease in our neighborhood similar to pneumonia, and I have heard that it is more dangerous than …

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Bahrain Says It Foils “Terrorist Attack” Backed By Iran – Media

Radiofarda – Bahrain said on Sunday it had foiled a “terrorist attack” backed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Saudi state television Al-Ekhbariya and a local Bahraini newspaper reported, both citing Bahrain’s interior ministry. Bahrain, host to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet and other international naval operations, has often accused Shi’ite Muslim Iran of seeking to subvert the kingdom, which …

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Opinion: Why The Iran-Iraq War Matters For The Success Of Maximum Pressure

Radiofarda – “War, War until victory” was a popular slogan chanted by revolutionaries in Tehran amid the bloody Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988). But after years of fighting with no victory in sight, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founding father of the Islamic Republic, was forced to settle for a UNSC sponsored ceasefire resolution which he compared to drinking from “a poisoned chalice.” Seldom has …

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From Foe To Friend: How Iran Transformed Post-war Iraq Ties

Radiofarda – In the four decades since Iran and Iraq went to war, Tehran has turned enmity into influence, seeing its allies installed in Baghdad’s halls of power and becoming its top trading partner. It’s a turn of events Aziz Jaber, a political science professor at Baghdad’s Mustansariyah University and a survivor of the conflict, never thought possible. “It would …

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Report: US to Slap Sanctions on More Than Two Dozen Targets Tied to Iran Arms

VOA – The United States on Monday will sanction more than two dozen people and entities involved in Iran’s nuclear, missile and conventional arms programs, a senior U.S. official said, putting teeth behind U.N. sanctions on Tehran that Washington argues have resumed despite the opposition of allies and adversaries. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said Iran could have …

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Iran: Prisoner Elias Bakhtiari Executed in Yazd

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – A prisoners sentenced to death on “drug-related” charges was executed in Yazd Central Prison. According to Iran Human Rights, on the morning of Wednesday, September 16, a prisoner was executed in Yazd Central Prison. His identity has been established as Kashan native, Elias Bakhtiari, who had been sentenced to death on drug-related charges. An informed …

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Jailed Political Activist Taken To ‘Unknown’ Location

Radiofarda – Iranian human rights organizations are reporting the sudden transfer of a prisoner of conscience, Soheil Arabi, to an unknown location. In a report on Friday, the Campaign for the Defense of Political and Civil Prisoners revealed that Iranian security forces transferred Arabi immediately after he managed to disclose on audio the dire conditions in the Greater Tehran Central …

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“There’s A Difference Between What You Want And What You Can Afford,” Says Arms Expert On Expiring UN Embargo

Radiofarda – As part of the conditions negotiated in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, the United Nations arms embargo on Iran is set to expire on October 18, 2020. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on September 19 that the United States will introduce the so-called “snapback” of these sanctions, …

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