Sunday , 19 January 2020

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EU Should Not Remain Silent on Iran’s Violence Against Protestors

CHRI – Addressing the Nuclear Deal is Not Enough; Rights Issues Are Central to Region’s Stability 28-Country Bloc Should Call on Iranian Authorities to Respect Right to Protest January 14, 2020 – As state security forces in Iran use potentially lethal force against civilian protestors for the second time in less than two months, the Center for Human Rights in …

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Iran Plane Crash Political Fallout: Protesters Face Deadly Force

CHRI – Hundreds of protesters and bystanders were killed in Iran last November when armed forces waged a violent crackdown on widespread demonstrations. Yet Iranians continued to risk their lives at demonstrations in January 2020 after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps admitted “unintentionally” shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane. Iran Plane Crash Political Fallout: Protesters Face Deadly Force CHRI – Hundreds of …

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Why Some Palestinians Love Soleimani – [Many] Arabs have claimed that they cannot understand why Hamas and Islamic Jihad are mourning an Iranian general responsible for the killing and displacement of thousands of people in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Some Arabs scoffed at the two Palestinian groups for labeling Soleimani as the “martyr of Jerusalem” at a time “when most of his rockets and …

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All-out efforts underway to help flood-hit Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province

PayvandNews – All the facilities and capacities of the country have been mobilized to assist people in the flood-stricken province of Sistan-Baluchestan, IRNA news agency reported on Tuesday. Unprecedented heavy rainfall which began on January 10 has led to flash flooding in the southeastern province, as 145 stations have recorded rainfall, 95 of which have reported receiving more than 50 …

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Journalists’ Group In Iran Condemns State Media Role In Plane Crash Coverup

Radiofarda – In an unprecedented move Tehran Province Journalists Association (TPJA) has called on Iran’s state-controlled media not to be a mouthpiece of officials and refrain from self-censorship. Responding to the scandal surrounding the downing of a Ukrainian airliner that killed all 176 onboard, TPJA said in a statement on Monday, “We are mourning the death of public trust, and …

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