Tuesday , 6 June 2023

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Iranian Bill Before Parliament Increases Penalties For Defiance Of Hijab

Iranwire – A bill containing Iran’s Chastity and Hijab law has been presented to parliament, legislation that many see as a continuation of the government’s oppression of women and human rights. State media reported on May 24 that provisions of the bill refer to failure to comply by the compulsory head scarf as “nudity,” with progressively stiffer penalties that run up to …

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Houthis Stage Violent Raid on Baha’i Gathering

Iranwire – The Yemeni Houthis, armed agents supported by the Islamic Republic, carried out an attack on a peaceful gathering of Baha’is in the city of Sana’a yesterday, detaining and disappearing 17 individuals including 5 women. The assault took place on June 4 and the detainees’ whereabouts and wellbeing remain unknown. The attack occurred as a group of Baha’is had gathered …

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Iranian Authorities Free Jailed Belgian Citizen in Prisoner Swap

Iranwire – Belgium’s prime minister says Iranian authorities have released a Belgian humanitarian worker who had been jailed in Iran for more than a year. “Olivier Vandecasteele is on his way to Belgium,” Alexander De Croo said in a statement on May 26. “If all goes as planned, he will be with us tonight.” De Croo said Vandecasteele was transferred …

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Iran Urged to Hold Trial of Two Women Journalists in Open Court

Iranwire – The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has joined its Iranian affiliate, the Tehran Province Journalists Association (TPJA), in demanding that the trial of women journalists Elahe Mohammadi and Niloofar Hamedi be held in open court. The TPJA also renewed its call on the Iranian authorities to release all journalists and media workers held behind bars. It said a …

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US, France Say Iran’s Latest Missile Test Worrying

Iranwire – The United States and France accused Iran of violating a UN Security Council resolution endorsing the 2015 nuclear deal after it carried out a long-range ballistic missile test. The Islamic Republic successfully test-launched a ballistic missile with a potential 2,000-kilometer range on May 25, state media reported, the latest in ballistic missile tests and satellite launches. French Foreign …

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