Wednesday , 18 May 2022

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Video: Fresh Protests Erupt in Khuzestan

Iranwire – Street protests broke out in cities across Khuzestan, western Iran, last Thursday over a sudden hike in the cost of basic goods. The government cut off flour subsidies and began rationing bread two weeks ago – Iran imports much of its wheat from Russia and Ukraine and is one of several countries badly affected by shortages due to …

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Iran Says EU Nuclear Coordinator to Visit This Week

VOA —The European Union diplomat seeking to revive a 2015 nuclear deal will visit Tehran this week, Iran announced Monday, as the United States voiced hope for progress. Enrique Mora has played a key role as an intermediary between the United States and Iran during a year of on-off talks in Vienna that have been at a standstill since March. …

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A Tale of Two Child Marriages

Iranwire – “I was 12 when I learned I’d have to become a bride. My mother just told me: ‘You’re going to marry your cousin, and you must promise me you’ll always listen to him, and he’ll always be satisfied with you.’ On the wedding night, she said: ‘Husbands and wives are allowed to be intimate and nothing that goes …

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Iran’s President Says Oil Exports Have Doubled Since August

VOA – Iran’s president said Monday the country is exporting twice as much oil as when he took office in August, despite heavy sanctions on oil exports imposed by the U.S. Ebrahim Raisi made the claim in a live interview on state-run TV without elaborating, including on the amount of oil being exported. “Oil sales have doubled,” he said. “We …

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2021 Executions Based on Charges – From the 2021Annual Report on the Death Penalty in Iran: While multiple offences are punishable by death, the charges leading to the most executions in recent years have been murder, drug-related offences, moharebeh, efsad-fil-arz, baghy and rape/sexual assault. The important point to note is the systematic denial of legal due process, unfair trials, use of torture and duress, forced confessions and …

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