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Monthly Archives: February 2018

MP Accuses Dervishes Of Espionage And Armed Resistance

RFL/RE – A conservative member of Iran’s parliament has accused a faction of the Gonabadi dervishes of espionage and collaboration with U.S. and Israeli intelligence services. Without presenting any evidence, the deputy chairman of Iranian parliament’s influential National Security and Foreign Affairs Committee, Abolfazl Hasan Beigi, says there are two breakaway sects of the Sufi Muslim religious order that believe …

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Western Powers Condemn Iran Over Alleged Arms-Embargo Violations

RFL/RE – Four Western powers have condemned Iran for allegedly violating an arms embargo on Yemen a day after Russia vetoed a UN resolution taking aim at Tehran over the same issue. France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and United States issued a joint statement late on February 27 saying that Iran’s failure to comply with the arms embargo, as determined …

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An international crime in Ghouta implemented by Russia, Iran

Al-Arabia – United Nations Resolution 2401, which calls for an immediate ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta and which does not apply to terrorists as it gives permission to shoot, besiege and starve them, is nothing but a mere deceptive decision. In fact, it does not include any details regarding the cessation of military operations or, to be more accurate, about the …

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Iran Seals Its Egregious Rights Record With Toxic Pick For Top Spot on Human Rights Council

CHRI – Selection of Avaei Shows Culture of Impunity For Human Rights Violators Will Continue in Iran The Iranian government’s decision to name Minister of Justice Seyyed Alireza Avaei as its representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council—a man with an appalling human rights record that spans decades—reflects the Iranian government’s complete disregard for human rights violations. The Center …

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Iranian Criminal Court Sentenced Juvenile Offender to Death on Education Minister and MP’s Recommendation

CHRI – Case Highlights Violations of Domestic and International Law and Judiciary’s Lack of Independence A young man who was incarcerated at 15 years of age was sentenced to death in Iran upon turning 18—despite the provincial state medical examiner’s report that Mohammad Kalhor was not mentally mature when he allegedly committed murder. The Center for Human Rights in Iran …

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