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To Achieve Freedom for Iran and the Arab Nations, the Region Must Unite

globalvoices – There are two remarkable features to the recent Iranian uprising. The first is that it began in the religiously conservative city of Mashhad. The second is the expansion of the insurrection far beyond the ethnically homogenous Persian provinces to the outlying regions where ethnic minorities predominate, such as Arab Ahwaz, Kurdistan, Baluchistan, and even Turkish areas in Azerbaijani territories.

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Mercedes to resume Iran production soon: ISNA

PayavdanNews – Mercedes-Benz, a division of Daimler AG, will resume production of cars in Iran from the beginning of the new Persian year in March, ISNA news agency has reported. The company is about to produce 2,500 middle of the pack E-class cars in the year, with 20% of the production to be done inside Iran and the rest supplied …

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The right way for the US to promote human rights in Iran

HRW – No one was expecting the recent protests in Iran, which spread quickly across the country despite the absence of any clear or coordinated leadership. Tens of thousands of ordinary Iranians were motivated to join by their own extensive grievances, including bleak economic opportunities, unmet expectations in the wake of the nuclear deal, and a perception of widespread corruption.

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Second Name Revealed in Shooting Deaths Amid Sanandaj Protests

CHRI – Intelligence Ministry Pressures Families To Refuse Media Interviews Kianoosh Zandi, 24, has been named the second victim in a shooting case involving conflicting accounts over how and why two young men were killed by security forces amid protests in the city of Sanandaj, the capital of Iran’s Kurdistan Province, in early January 2018.

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