Friday , 30 July 2021

Human rights

Rights Watchdog Urges Iran To Release Those Detained During Recent Protests, Investigate Abuses

RFL/RE – Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on Iranian authorities to “immediately and unconditionally” release those detained during protests against water shortages and economic hardships in Khuzestan and other provinces and to investigate the abusive use of lethal force.Demonstrations than began on July 15 in dozens of towns and cities in Khuzestan, a province with a large ethnic Arab …

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“What Else Can they Do?”: Rage and Resignation in Iran Over Internet Filtering Bill

Iranwire – On Wednesday, July 28, Iran’s conservative-dominated parliament voted to implement a new law that could further restrict Iranians’ access to the internet and social media. The hugely controversial and surreally-named “Bill for the Protection of Cyberspace Users” allows the Iranian armed forces to more stringently monitor internet traffic into and out of Iran. It also states that foreign …

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Isfahan Police Chief: No Motorcycle Licenses for Women on My Watch

Iranwire – Isfahan’s traffic police chief has insisted women in his central Iranian city are not allowed to obtain motorcycle licenses, in defiance of a court ruling two years ago. Mohammad Reza Mohammadi told local council-owned Iran Metropolis News Agency (IMNA) on Tuesday that this was his interpretation of Article 20 of Iran’s Law on Investigation of Road Traffic Violations. The law …

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U.S., EU Must Speak Out Forcefully to Avoid Further Bloodshed in Iran

CHRI—As state security forces in Iran continue to violently suppress peaceful protests that erupted in Khuzestan province and have since spread to other areas of the country, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) calls on the U.S. and European countries to condemn the government’s lethal use of force against the protesters, and to demand that the Iranian authorities allow peaceful …

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US condemns violence against protesters in Iran

Al-Monitor – The State Department on Wednesday condemned the use of violence against anti-government protesters in Iran, a rebuke that comes as nuclear negotiations with Tehran remain at a standstill. The widespread protests, which erupted nearly two weeks ago over chronic water shortages in the southwestern region of Khuzestan, have spread to several cities including the capital, Tehran. Amnesty International has …

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More Arrests as Protests Intensify in Cities Across Iran

Iranwire – Furious anti-government protests continued in cities across Iran last night, almost two weeks after demonstrations first began over the water crisis in Khuzestan. In videos published from the city of Isfahan in central Iran, a large night-time crowd could be heard chanting “Isfahan, Khuzestan, Unity, Unity” while protesters tore down a banner depicting Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Similar slogans were …

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Hamid Nouri to Face Trial for War Crimes in Sweden Over 1988 Massacre of Iranian Prisoners

Iranwire – Former Iranian prison official Hamid Nouri is to stand trial on the charges of grave war crimes and murder in a Swedish court next month. Swedish public prosecutors Kristina Lindhoff Carleson and Martina Winslow have brought the case against the 60-year-old for his alleged part in the 1988 massacre of thousands of political prisoners in Iran in the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq …

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Anti-Government Protests Erupt in Tehran

Iranwire – Protesters amassed in Jomhouri Avenue in central Tehran on Monday to chant anti-government slogans including “Shame, Khamenei! Let go of this country” and “Mullahs get lost”. Iranians on social media reported that the group marching down the shopping street at noon was partly enraged by the blackouts that have blighted the capital and cities across Iran for two months now. The long …

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At least 12 people killed in protests over water shortages in Iran

Iran-HRM – At least 12 people were killed, many were injured and detained during the protests in southwestern Iran over lack of access to water.The protests which started from July 15 continued for 10 days in over 35 cities across the country. Several videos shared on social media show the state security forces using excessive force against demonstrators. Security forces …

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