Monday , 23 April 2018

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Iran: Yarsan Woman Seriously Injured Under Torture Needs Urgent Treatment

Iran-HRM – Yarsan woman Shokoufeh Yadollahi,  who was violently arrested and imprisoned in Qarchak Prison of Varamin needs urgent medical care and treatment.

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Ahwazi Arab Women’s Whereabouts Unknown Amid Growing Concern For Their Life

Iran-HRM – No report is available of the status and whereabouts of two Ahwazi Arab women who were arrested during the Iran’s Ahwaz protests against ethnic discrimination and slurs by officials against the country’s Arab community. Ezzat Ka’abi and Nadia Mohammadi Pour, both from Ahwaz were arrested 20 days ago and taken to an unknown location. The women’s families have …

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Ailing Activist Returned To Prison After Being Abused By Guards In Hospital

Iran-HRM – According to reports, interrogators of the Ministry of Intelligence transferred an ailing political prisoner who was hospitalized back to Kashan Prison despite doctors’ objections.

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Iran: Baha’i Man Still Unable To Open Business After 10 Years

Iran-HRM – The business of a Baha’i citizen identified as Payam Wali was closed down more than 10 years ago by government institutions. Mr. Wali’s attempts at opening his business again by taking his case to the appeals court, the Supreme Court, and other government agencies over the past 10 years has been futile and the business of this citizens …

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Iran Makes Widespread Arrests Following Ahwaz Protests Against Discrimination

Iran-HRM – Iranian regime has a long history of applying discriminatory policies against the ethnic and religious minorities. In a last episode, the state TV showed a cartoon in which it used figurines to depict various ethnicity but the segment completely ignored the Arab origins of Ahwaz. Major discontent flared up in the city of Ahwaz, the Khuzestan provincial capital …

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