Friday , 30 July 2021

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Blinken: Iran nuclear talks ‘cannot go on indefinitely’

Al-Monitor – Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Thursday that negotiations to revive the Iranian nuclear agreement “cannot go on indefinitely.” Blinken made the remarks during a news conference in Kuwait City with the Kuwaiti foreign minister, Sheikh Ahmed Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah. The top US diplomat met with senior officials in the Gulf country ​​for talks focused on …

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Iranian Battles Iranian Refugee At The Tokyo Olympics

RFL/RE – It was a bittersweet moment for many Iranians. Kimia Alizadeh, an Iranian taekwondo fighter, beat her opponent, also from Iran, at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.Alizadeh, who emigrated to Europe in 2020 after criticizing the oppression of women in the Islamic republic, represented the Refugee Team while her opponent and former teammate, Nahid Kiayani, was fighting for their …

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Ali Khamenei Blasts the Rouhani Administration in Final Cabinet Meeting

Iranwire – This week the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran delivered a startling reproach to the outgoing Rouhani administration in its final weeks of office. During his last meeting with Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet on Wednesday, July 28, Ali Khamenei criticized the group’s past confidence in “the West”, stating: “The next government must use this experience.” The remarks fell in …

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Three Decades After the Iran-Iraq War, Khuzestan’s Reconstruction is Still Unfinished

Iranwire – For the last two weeks, a single word has dominated headlines in Iran: “Khuzestan”. Nightly street protests in this deprived province, prompted by the water crisis and inflamed by brutal state violence, have since spilled over into other Iranian cities. Rallies have now been held from Tehran to Isfahan to Lorestan, with participants chanting slogans against the Islamic …

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Isfahan Police Chief: No Motorcycle Licenses for Women on My Watch

Iranwire – Isfahan’s traffic police chief has insisted women in his central Iranian city are not allowed to obtain motorcycle licenses, in defiance of a court ruling two years ago. Mohammad Reza Mohammadi told local council-owned Iran Metropolis News Agency (IMNA) on Tuesday that this was his interpretation of Article 20 of Iran’s Law on Investigation of Road Traffic Violations. The law …

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