Wednesday , 5 May 2021

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Terrorist Diplomat’s Sentence Finalized in Belgian Court

Iranwire – The 20-year sentence of an Iranian diplomat for his part in a bomb plot in France has been finalised after his lawyers withdrew their appeal. Asadollah Asadi, who was formerly stationed at the Iranian embassy in Vienna, received the maximum jail sentence from a court in Antwerp, Belgium in February 2021 together with three other Iranian nationals for planning …

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UN rights experts call on Iran to release jailed filmmaker

Al-Monitor – A group of independent United Nations human rights experts on Tuesday called on Iran to release a jailed dissident filmmaker whose severe health complications put him at risk of death. “We are seriously concerned at the mistreatment of Mohammad Nourizad and his continued imprisonment for expressing his opinion,” the experts said, adding that his “case is emblematic of …

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Executions in Iran: From Arrest to Proof of Guilt

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – IHR’s Annual Report of the Death Penalty in Iran sets out the procedures in the issuance of death sentences by Iran’s judicial system. Read the full report (pdf) Access to lawyer Article 35 of the Iranian Constitution grants access to lawyers. The Criminal Procedure Code drafted in 2013 and the 2015 amendments address, among others, …

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IRGC officer killed by Kurdish fighters in skirmish

Al-Monitor – Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said one of its members was “martyred” during intense clashes with Kurdish fighters near the border with Iraq early on May 4. The IRGC claimed to have inflicted heavy losses on the infiltrating militants but did not release casualty figures. The clashes took place in the mountainous area of Dara Nakhi, near the …

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Scottish election 2021: Iranian regime ‘peddling disinformation’ in attempt to swing Scottish election

scotsman – Reported by The Times, cyber specialists working on behalf of the Iranian regime are targeting Scottish voters by posing as pro-independence users on Twitter and Facebook. The study by the Henry Jackson Society think tank reported that fake accounts encourage real users to share content and material of a pro-independence nature in the form of memes, graphics and …

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