Wednesday , 18 May 2022

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Waxing Banned in Iran’s Holy City: Just What are the Clerics Afraid Of?

Iranwire – According to reports in Iranian media this week, a number of female beauticians in Mashhad have received a notice forbidding them from providing core services such as tattooing, fake nails, Botox, silicone implants, or intimate hair removal. They have also been told not to wear “unconventional” outfits or play “prohibited music” at work. The notice came from Mashhad’s …

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Teenage Weightlifter Disappears in Greece

Iranwire – Iranian media outlets have reporrted the abrupt “disappearance” of 17-year-old athlete Yekta Jamali in Greece. Days after she won another silver medal at the Youth World Weightlifting Championships, Jamali apparently did not join her team returning home and her whereabouts remains unknown. Zahra Pouramin, acting vice president of the Iranian Women’s Weightlifting Federation, confirmed the situation to IRNA …

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Another Internet Disruption in Khuzestan

HRW – Since May 6, the Iranian authorities have imposed a near-total shutdown of mobile and home broadband data in some cities in Khuzestan Province, amid reported street protests against a potential hike in the price of bread, Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA)  reported. According to HRANA, authorities have arrested at least 10 people in connection with the protests in …

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Iran says it will execute Iranian-Swedish scientist

Al-Monitor – Iran’s judiciary said that it will move forward with the execution of Iranian-Swedish citizen Ahmad Reza Jalali. Judiciary spokesperson Zabiollah Khodaian said that Jalali was arrested and charged with spying for the Israeli Mossad and sharing intelligence about Iran’s nuclear scientists in 2016. He also faces national security charges. Khodaian said that Sweden gave Jalali citizenship after his arrest, but he …

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The Farda Briefing: First Signs Of Civil Unrest As Bread Prices Soar In Iran

RFL/RE – The Iranian government’s decision to cut subsidies for imported wheat has led to a spike in the cost of flour and flour-based products, including bread, pasta, and confectioneries. The move by the government of ultraconservative President Ebrahim Raisi has sparked widespread anger. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has supported the measures. Other hard-liners have said that food prices should be controlled, …

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