Tuesday , 6 June 2023

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Iran-Pakistan cooperation complicated by sanctions, porous border

Al-Monitor – Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi jointly inaugurated two high-value projects at their countries’ border last week, marking an upbeat phase in relations. Lighting up the Pakistani port city of Gwadar and its surrounding areas, the new Polan-Gabd Electricity Transmission Line will bring relief to an energy-starved region. Despite years of delays, the facility was finally completed …

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Iran Tightens Gasoline Rationing Amid Shortages

iranintl – An Iranian official said Sunday that in addition to a limit on cheap gasoline for citizens, more expensive fuel will also be rationed, and limited to 150 liters per month. Gasoline and other fuels are heavily subsidized in Iran, which coupled with refining limitations, has led to shortages this year according to the government. In 2019, the government raised gasoline …

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Tehran Police Issue Warning As Drivers Cover Up License Plates

RFL/RE – Police in Tehran issued a stern warning to road users amid an increase in the number of people covering up the license plates of mopeds with face masks, plastic covers, and badges. It is a criminal offense to cover a registration that can carry a penalty of six months to a year in prison, according to a senior …

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Tehran: Zelenskyy Using Iran to Gain West’s Support

VOA – Iran struck back at Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Saturday, saying his accusation the Islamic republic is arming Russia was an attempt to gain the West’s military and financial support. The United States and the European Union have sanctioned Iran over its drone program, alleging it had supplied Moscow with unmanned aerial vehicles during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine …

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Victims’ Families Call For Global Action To End Executions In Iran

iranintl – Over 80 families of those killed by the Iranian regime called for immediate global action to stop the recent execution spree in Iran. In a statement on Saturday, the petitioning families called the recent wave of executions in Iran a revenge by the Islamic Republic on the people for anti-regime protests. They also called on all activists and …

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