Monday , 10 August 2020

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People Tell Radio Farda Government Hiding True COVID Numbers

Radiofarda – In exclusive video-taped interviews sent to Radio Farda by citizen-journalists from Iran, residents of Karaj — the capital city of Alborz Province — say the situation with COVID pandemic is more critical now and allege that the government is hiding the true numbers. Alborz Province is currently experiencing a second and more intense wave of the pandemic. Even according to …

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Pompeo’s Warning Against Closer China-Iran Ties Highlights Dilemma for Beijing

VOA – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s latest warning that China would destabilize the Middle East by deepening ties with U.S. foe Iran is raising questions about how far Beijing will go to boost its partner Tehran in an emerging deal that would heighten U.S.-China tensions.  “China’s entry into Iran will destabilize the Middle East. It’ll put Israel at risk. …

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Death Toll Tops 100 in Beirut Blast

VOA – Prime Minister Hassan Diab declared Wednesday a day of mourning in Lebanon after a powerful blast devastated the port in the capital city of Beirut. The Lebanese Red Cross said in a morning statement that more than 100 people were dead and at least 4,000 injured. Officials said they expected the number of victims to rise as crews …

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Iran Executes Man Arrested in December 2017 Protests in Isfahan

Iran-HRM – Political prisoner Mostafa Salehi, detained for participating in late 2017, early 2018 protests was hanged at dawn today in a prison in Isfahan, central Iran. Mostafa Salehi was one of the protesters arrested during the nationwide protests in 2017-18 in the city of Kahrizsang, in Isfahan province. He was accused of killing a member of the Revolutionary Guards …

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At Least 21 Iranian Kolbars Murdered by IRGC Within Five Months

Iran-HRM – Based on information compiled by the Iran Human Rights Monitor, at least 21 porters (or back carriers) have been shot dead by revolutionary guards since March 20, 2020. This is an average of four porters per month and one porter every week getting killed by the IRGC. This figure does not include the cases where porters lost their …

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