Thursday , 4 March 2021

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IAEA plans ‘technical’ meeting with Iran in early April on open issues

Al-Arabia – The UN nuclear watchdog plans to start a “technical” dialogue with Iran aimed at advancing the process of obtaining explanations on outstanding issues such uranium particles found at old, undeclared sites, its chief said on Thursday. “I’m … aiming at having a far more clear understanding of this issue by the summer or before,” International Atomic Energy Agency …

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Pakistan’s Baluchis Protest Iranian Treatment Of Ethnic Brethren After Border Shootings

RFL/RE – Dozens of ethnic Baluch rights activists have staged a protest in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi to condemn the killing of their ethnic brethren by Iranian border guards last month. The protest comes amid reports of violent unrest and Internet blackouts in Iran’s southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan Province triggered after security forces killed cross-border fuel smugglers. Human Rights Watch last …

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The Man who Exposed Iran and Hezbollah’s Clandestine Infiltration in Argentina

Iranwire – Six years ago on January 18, 2015, the prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment in Buenos Aires. The prosecutor was hours away from denouncing a criminal plan carried out by the then-national government which aimed to provide immunity to Iranians linked to Hezbollah, who stood accused of having planned and executed the bombing attack against …

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Rouhani’s Government Shuts Down Charity Supporting Vulnerable Children

Iranwire – The lawyer Saeed Dehghan has announced the dissolution of nationwide charity the Imam Ali Society by an Iranian court. The nonpartisan NGO, which was first set up in 1999 and whose full name is the Imam Ali’s Popular Students Relief Society, is one of the largest non-state-backed charities in Iran with more than 10,000 volunteers across the country. …

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Iranian Imams are Obstacles for Women in Sports

Iranwire – Following an attack on female Iranian mountaineers, a climbing association has issued a ban on female rock climbers but has done nothing to confront the perpetrator — a Friday prayers imam. On February 24, 2021, a video was released of the Friday Imam of Darcheh in Isfahan province lashing out at both male and female climbers training in Kuhe Sefid and describing their sport as “dirty work”. Soon after, the …

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