Saturday , 13 April 2024

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Despite Warnings Of Imminent Attack, Iran Keeps Suspense

iranintl – President Joe Biden all but confirmed Friday night that his “Don’t” message to the Iran’s government would not stop its looming retaliatory attack against Israel. “Sooner rather than later,” he said, when reporters asked him about the timing of Iran’s seemingly imminent attack, reiterating that the US is “devoted to the defense of Israel” and would not allow …

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Iran Deported 20,000 Afghan Children Last Year, Taliban Say

iranintl – Last year, Iran deported over 20,000 Afghan children, many of whom have been sent back unaccompanied and without any guardians waiting for them, Afghan authorities stated. “Around 30 to 40 children without guardians are deported from Iran every day… Last year, 20,000 expelled children were registered with us,” Mohammad Haroon Wahedi, who heads migrant affairs in the Nimroz …

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Iran’s Mind Game With Israel Amid Anticipation Of Attack

iranintl – Iran may keep Israelis in a state of anticipation and apprehension for a while but will eventually retaliate for the attack on its embassy in Damascus last week, analysts say. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz says Israel has not taken responsibility for the attack that killed seven top Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders, but in his Eid al-Fitr sermon …

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Iran Seizes Ship Related to Israel Near Strait of Hormuz

Iranwire – The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has boarded and seized a container ship near the Strait of Hormuz, state media reports.  The seizure comes amid heightened tensions between Iran and the West.  State-run IRNA news agency reported the incident after online footage showed commandos rappelling onto the ship from a helicopter.  Tasnim news agency reported, ‘The Portuguese-flagged MSC Aries, …

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Iranwire Exclusive: Iran Holds Special Meetings Amid Rising Israel Tensions

Iranwire – The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has been holding special meetings to assess the potential for domestic “unrest” in the event of an Israeli attack on Iran, as reported by IranWire.  Retired intelligence officials participated in the Ministry of Intelligence’s special meetings to analyze the potential domestic consequences of an Israeli military response. Members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) …

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