Tuesday , 29 November 2022

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Political Fever Pitch Looms Over U.S.-Iran World Cup Match

RFL/RE – The coaches of the U.S. and Iranian soccer teams have said that they do not want to get caught up in a game of political football when their sides clash for a chance to reach the knockout stage of the World Cup. “I envision the game being hotly contested for the fact that both teams want to advance …

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Iranian Hard-Liners Propose Punishment For Cooperation With ‘Hostile’ Countries

RFL/RE – Hard-line Iranian lawmakers have proposed a plan to enact harsher punishments against protesters who they say are cooperating with “hostile” foreign countries. According to the plan, any interaction with any Western institutions and media, including social media, will be considered cooperation and criminalized under the title of “corruption on earth” — a charge that is punishable by death and often …

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Iranian Truckers Strike For Third Day In Support Of Protesters

RFL/RE – Iranian truck drivers have continued to strike for a third day, with more joining their ranks across the country despite threats from security agents over undelivered cargo. Trucks in the central Iranian city of Isfahan remained parked while reports published on social media indicated that drivers in the cities of Qazvin, Kermanshah, Marand, and Bandar Abbas joined the …

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China Protestors Call for End to CCP Rule

gatestoneinstitute.org – The CCP, as the Chinese Communist Party is informally known, has now lost hearts across the country. China throughout the Communist period has witnessed demonstrations, but most of them are, as Burton noted, “highly localized” and “directed at malfeasance, corruption, and incompetence of lower level Communist functionaries.” Now, however, the anger is directed at the Party itself. In …

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Ten Iranian Teenagers Said To Face Death Penalty Over Protests

Iranwire – A professor of law at Tehran University says 10 Iranian teenagers under the age of 18 will be put on trial on charges of “waging war against God” and “spreading corruption on earth”, which carry the death penalty. Mohsen Berhani tweeted on November 27 that the teenagers will be tried before the Revolutionary Court, which he said has …

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