Saturday , 25 September 2021

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U.S. Official Signals Iran Frustrations, Worries About Tehran’s ‘Plan B’

RFL/RE – A senior U.S. official has expressed growing impatience at a lack of Iranian movement toward talks on reviving a moribund nuclear agreement with world powers and cited fears of a “Plan B” that keeps Tehran on a dangerous atomic path.But the unnamed official also said U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken had not attached any date to when …

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Disabled Ex-Kolbar Embarks on Cross-Country Journey for Justice

Iranwire – An Iranian former kolbar has completed a 115km protest journey from Marivan to Sanandaj, Kurdistan province with the aid of a wheelchair. Kamran Doplurei, 31, who has two artificial legs, completed the trip on Wednesday, September 15. He embarked on the pilgrimage to raise awareness of three issues: the shooting of kolbars by Iranian border guards, sub-standard treatment of the …

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Fact Check: Is Iran the Medical Hub of Asia?

Iranwire – In a surprising addition to his first address to the United Nations via a heavily-edited video this week, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi took the opportunity to declare: “Iran is the medical hub of Asia”. “Iran,” he intoned, “alongside its peaceful nuclear and satellite science, is the medical hub of Asia, and Iranian physicians and scientists such as [medieval Persian polymath] Abu Ali …

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Iran’s Intelligence Ministry Gets its Claws Into Clubhouse

Iranwire – The golden age of Clubhouse in Iran already seems to be behind us. Use of the video messaging app boomed in the run-up to the 13th presidential election this summer; at that time, Iranian chatrooms on Clubhouse were often filled to capacity with voices young and old discussing the country’s future. The filtering of Clubhouse was intermittently discussed by officials, but at first …

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Iran Ups Pressure on Kurdish Rebels

VOA – Iran is threatening to expand a bombing campaign targeting rebels in border villages of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region, saying Iraqi Kurdish authorities must expel the rebels or the offensive will broaden.Since the beginning of September, Iran’s forces have been carrying out attacks using artillery and drone strikes on border villages accused of harboring Iranian Kurdish rebels. Tehran said …

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