Wednesday , 21 February 2024

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An Iranian Tribute To Navalny’s Courageous Voice

iranintl – In the annals of Russian history, few figures stand as tall as Alexei Navalny. His name has become synonymous with courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment to justice in the face of oppression. From surviving a poisoning attempt orchestrated by the Kremlin, to boldly returning to Russia despite the risks, Navalny’s journey embodies the spirit of defiance against tyranny. …

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Dissenting Clerics And Politicians Question Iran’s Elections

iranintl – In a significant shift from his previously conciliatory stance, former President Mohammad Khatami has asserted that the upcoming elections are far from being free, fair, and competitive. According to Jamaran News website, speaking to the leaders of Hambastegi [Solidarity], one of Iran’s smallest Reformist parties, Khatami highlighted widespread dissatisfaction among educated youth, elites, and over 50 percent of …

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Three-Quarters Of Iranians Will Boycott Elections

iranintl – A recent survey has shown that the majority of Iranians will boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections, with 75 percent seeking the overthrow of the government.  A survey by the Netherlands-based Gamaan institute collected information from 58,015 Iranian residents over an eight-day period from January 31 to February 7. Titled “Iranians’ Attitudes Toward the 2024 Elections,” the survey targeted people aged 19 and above, a sample from …

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Crackdown on Diaspora Dissenters: Surge in Passport Seizures at Iranian Airports

Iranwire – The Islamic Republic’s authorities have been cracking down on members of the Iranian diaspora who participate in protest rallies outside Iran, IranWire reveals.   Since Mahsa Amini’s death numerous incidents have emerged, including arrests on espionage charges, interrogations at airports, confiscation and examination of mobile phones and laptops, passport seizures, and reports of Iranians living abroad being approached for …

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Killing of Tehran Park Sweeper Sparks Outrage

Iranwire – After news broke of the killing of a park sweeper accused of disrespecting flags erected for a government ceremony, Iranian social media users called for accountability and transparency. The incident, reported by Hamshahri Online on February 18, occurred in Tehran two days before the government ceremony marking the anniversary of the 1979 Iranian Revolution.  According to the report, …

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