Monday , 18 November 2019

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Iran protesters set fire to Khamenei billboard as security crackdown intensifies

Al-Arabia – Protesters in the Iranian city of Isfahan set fire to a large billboard of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Monday, Iran International reported, as security forces use live ammunition to disperse protesters in the city of Shiraz. Markets were closed amid a general strike and tighter security in central Isfahan, it added. The TV channel reported that …

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warn protesters of ‘decisive’ action if unrest continues

Al-Arabia – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warned anti-government protesters of “decisive” action if unrest over gasoline price hikes do not cease, state television reported on Monday.The warning appeared to hint at a looming crackdown on protests that flared nationwide in response to an official announcement on Friday of gasoline rationing and price hikes of at least 50 percent.“If necessary we will …

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Iran Official Says Joining FATF Conventions Will Affect IRGC

Radiofarda – A key official in Iran has said that meeting the requirement of the Palermo Convention against transnational crimes and the convention against funding terrorism (CFT) will allow foreign powers to monitor the activities of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) under the pretext of combating money laundering. “They can find out what we are doing, who we are …

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Ayatollah In Iran Threatens To Break Up Protests Using The Paramilitary

Radiofarda – The representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader in Fars province has threatened the provincial officials that if they fail to overcome protests, he will personally head the paramilitary Basij forces to quash the unrest. Protests that began last Friday against a sudden increase in gasoline prices have turned to a full-blown anti-regime movement, demanding clerics to get out of …

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At least 40 killed in Iran protests: Report

Al-Arabia – At least 40 people have been killed in Iran since anti-protests erupted across the country on Friday, according to a report by opposition website Radio Farda which cites human rights organizations and videos on social media. While the Iranian authorities have only confirmed the death of three people so far, multiple reports are suggesting that the death toll …

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