Monday , 21 May 2018

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Iran’s Leaders at War with Western Civilization Why is the West Putting Up with It?

gatestoneinstitute – The archipelago of political Islam in Europe, from Tariq Ramadan to the Muslim Brotherhood, revolves around the orbit of the Qatar-Iran axis. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood openly sided with Khomeini’s revolutionaries as they overthrew the Shah, and now threatens Saudi Arabia and the UAE and others in the region.

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Pompeo set to unveil US “Plan B” to confront Iran

CNN – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will unveil the administration’s “Plan B” for countering Iran on Monday, an idea that some critics call a “pipe dream,” while others question whether the administration is coming clean on its goals for the country.

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Iran Rejects Reports on Talks with EU over Issues beyond JCPOA

ifpnews – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi says Iran’s current negotiations with the EU over the JCPOA don’t cover any issue beyond the nuclear deal.

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Zarif describes nuclear deal as a ‘dying patient’, Iran MP says

Al-Arabia – An Iranian MP said that the Islamic Republic Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif described the nuclear deal as a “dying patient,” after US President decided to withdraw from it.

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Iran: Imprisoned University Student Rouhullah Mardani On Hunger Strike

Iran-HRM – Rouhullah Mardani, a student of Tehran University and a teacher, has been on hunger strike since April 24, protesting his unlawful detention and being remained in a limbo. “After 26 days of his junger strike, prison authorities continue to fail in taking action. He has been repeatedly transfered to the prison clinic to receive serum injection due to …

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