Saturday , 4 December 2021

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Like Obama, Biden Silent on Iran Mullahs Killing Peaceful Protesters – “We call on President Joe Biden, Secretary Antony Blinken, and all members of Congress to stand with the Iranian people. Diplomacy with the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism is never going to produce a favorable result that benefits the American people or the Iranian people. Diplomacy with the Islamic Republic was destined to fail from day one.” — …

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Iran’s Massive Sewer Project Hit By Unexpected Hurdle — Manhole Thieves

RFL/RE – Iran has worked for decades to bring its sewage system into the modern age. But metal thieves are throwing a wrench in the works.Authorities recently announced that the one of the country’s biggest public-works projects — the nearly 50-year effort to build a massive wastewater-treatment network in the capital — was “70 percent” done.But Masud Reza Sameni, deputy …

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U.S., Europeans Disappointed By Iran’s Stance In Nuclear Talks

RFL/RE – The United States and European powers have voiced disappointment at what they said was Iran’s lack of seriousness in the latest round of negotiations on reviving a landmark 2015 nuclear deal.The talks between Iran and the remaining parties to the nuclear agreement — Britain, France, and Germany (known as the E3), China, and Russia — were resumed on …

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Video: Armored Vehicles Roll into Isfahan as Police Seal Off Sites of Protest

Iranwire – Reports from Isfahan indicate martial law has been imposed on the periphery of the Zayanderud river. Friday morning saw a widespread presence of security agents throughout the city, as well as intermittent disruption of the internet and phone lines. A citizen journalist sent the below video to IranWire. It indicates a heavy security atmosphere in Isfahan on Friday, with a …

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No news on Abbas Ali Ramezani after one month

Iran-HRM – After one month of detention, there is no news available on Abbas Ali Ramezani and his brother, Bahram. The two brothers are presently detained in the detention Center of Mashhad, the capital of Razavi Khorasan Province in northeastern Iran. Over the past month, Mr. Ramezani has been under interrogation and deprived of having visitations. He has had a …

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