Tuesday , 6 June 2023

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U.S. Navy Says Iranian Fast-Attack Boats ‘Harassed’ Ship In Strait Of Hormuz

RFL/RE – The U.S. Navy said on June 5 that its sailors and the U.K. Royal Navy came to the aid of a ship in the crucial Strait of Hormuz after Iran’s Revolutionary Guards “harassed” it. Three fast-attack vessels with armed troops aboard approached the merchant ship at a close distance in the afternoon on June 4, the U.S. Navy …

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Iran To Reopen Its Embassy In Riyadh In Sign Of Further Thawing Of Relations

RFL/RE – Iran will reopen its embassy in Saudi Arabia’s capital on June 6, Iranian sources told the semiofficial Fars news agency, months after Tehran and Riyadh agreed to end years of hostility. In March, Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to reestablish relations after years of hostility between the regional rivals that had threatened stability and security in the Middle …

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Languishing in Prison for Being the Brother of a Journalist

Iranwire – It has been 34 days since the arrest of Sajjad Shahrabi, a radio announcer and dubber who is also the brother of Shima Shahrabi, the editor-in-chief of IranWire’s Persian-language website. Held in solitary confinement and interrogated for days, Shahrabi was transferred to the general ward of Tehran’s Evin prison on May 24. Officials announced a bail of 10 billion …

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More Businesses Shut Down for Disobeying Hijab Rules

Iranwire – The café that was the workplace of Nika Shakarami, a 16-year-old victim of the bloody crackdown on last year’s nationwide protests, was shut down for a second time for catering to women without hijab. Mohammad Nabi Mousavi-Fard, the Friday Imam of Ahvaz, has supported the closure of all businesses that provide services to women without hijab. Civil resistance …

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Gravestone of Executed Protesters Destroyed – Again

Iranwire – The father of Mohsen Shekari, a 22-year-old protester who was executed in December after an unfair trial, has said that his son’s gravestone has once again been vandalized. “My family and I have not returned and will not return to the normal life of the past after the loss of our beloved son. But now that we are suffering …

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