Wednesday , 18 May 2022

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Iranian Feminists and Anti-Harassment Groups Targeted in Mass Cyber Attack

Iranwire – Feminist and women’s rights campaigns with a focus on Iran have been the subject of a mass cyber-attack this week, with many forced to temporarily switch their Instagram pages to private mode.  The hosts of the Iranian Me Too, Harass Watch and Cheragh Academy, all three of which work to combar sexual violence and harassment in Iran through education and public callouts, reported …

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Iranian Refugees in Germany ‘Kicked Out of Accommodation’ to Make Way for Ukrainians

Iranwire – Last year, according to figures published by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the number of people recorded as being displaced from their homes around the world was the highest in a decade: 84 million. Of these, 26.6m had fled their home country while the rest were displaced within its borders. This, of course, was before the Russian …

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Video: Panic Buying Reported in Tehran as Prices of Four Basic Food Items Rise

Iranwire – The Raisi administration on Thursday announced price increases for four staple foodstuffs in Iran: chicken, eggs, cooking oil and dairy products. The news was met with near-instantaneous reports of shortages and people crowding into stores to stock up on the affected goods. The approved price for a kilogram of chicken has increased from 30,500 tomans (about a dollar: a significant …

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Dozens of teachers arrested during the nationwide gathering of teachers in Iran

Iran-HRM – Dozens of teachers were arrested during the nationwide gathering of teachers in Iran and there was a heavy presence of security forces in Tehran and several other cities. According to the Coordinating Council of the Iranian Cultural Teachers Associations, since the early hours of Thursday, May 12, security forces and plainclothes agents were stationed in Baharestan Street, near …

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Iran Protesters at Risk of Lethal State Violence

CHRI – Ongoing street protests in Iran could lead to more killings and arbitrary imprisonments by state security forces if the international community remains silent, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) warned in a statement today. “The Iranian government has a documented pattern of using lethal force to crush protests while cutting off internet access to prevent the …

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