Friday , 18 September 2020

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Iran Parliament To Go Ahead With Questioning Rouhani Over His Economic, Foreign Policies

Radiofarda – Majles Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said this on Wednesday, August 19 following a constitutional warning issued by Jabbar Kouchaki Nejad, a lawmaker for Rasht in the Majles. Kouchaki Nejad had asked Qalibaf earlier during Wednesday’s session why President Rouhani had not acknowledged the receipt of a motion by the members of the parliament to question him. Qalibaf said …

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Iran Jailed, ‘Coerced’ Canadian Facebook Whiz To Turn Informant, He Says

RFL/RE -Thirty-seven-year-old Facebook engineer Behdad Esfahbod has made the same wintertime trip every year since 2015. Yet this past January, the 37-year-old programming whiz’s visit to Iran to see his family took a wildly different turn. Within days of his arrival, the Iranian-Canadian dual national and graduate of Tehran’s top Sharif University had been thrown in jail and was being …

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Pompeo To Inform UN That U.S. Will Begin ‘Snapback’ Of Sanctions On Iran

RFL/RE – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will formally notify the UN Security Council on August 20 that the United States intends to begin the process of restoring UN sanctions on Iran. “The United States intends to restore virtually all of the previously suspended United Nations sanctions on Iran,” President Donald Trump said late on August 19. “It’s a …

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US Charges 3 in Scheme to Move US Currency to Iran

VOA – The U.S. Justice Department has charged three people in connection with what prosecutors say was a campaign to move U.S. currency from the United States to Iran on behalf of Iran’s supreme leader.  Muzzamil Zaidi, a U.S. citizen living in Qom, Iran; Asim Naqvi, a U.S. citizen living in Houston; and Pakistani national Ali Chawla, living in Qom, …

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Infected Labor Activist Taken to Another Prison Instead of Hospital

Iran-HRM – Infected labor activist Jafar Azimzadeh has started a hunger strike since Sunday August 16, after being transferred from Evin Prison to Gohardasht Prison (Rajai Shahr) in Karaj instead of a hospital. Mr. Azimzadeh contracted the corona virus while in Evin Prison. After a clinic doctor diagnosed that he was an emergency case, prison authorities transferred him out of …

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