Tuesday , 6 June 2023

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Ten Convicts Executed in Iran in One Single Day

Iranwire – Iranian authorities executed at least 10 people across the country on May 3, while seven others face imminent execution after being transferred to solitary confinement, according to human rights groups and media reports. The executions drew criticism from human rights activists, who called on the government to stop using the death penalty and focus instead on reforming the …

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Activists Say Internet Shutdowns in Baluchistan Must Stop

Iranwire – Dozens of human rights groups and activists have condemned the frequent internet outages imposed by the Iranian authorities on the south-eastern province of Sistan and Baluchistan, saying the restrictions “not only violate freedom of expression but also serve to cover up human rights violations.”  “For more than three months, the people of Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan province, particularly …

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Fifth Improper Burial of a Baha’i by Iranian Officials

Iranwire – Officials in Iran have buried another deceased Baha’i citizen without notifying the family or allowing for a Baha’i religious ceremony. The body of Maryam Moinipour, a 92-year-old Baha’i citizen who passed away in Tehran on April 11, was buried in the Khavaran cemetery, southwest of the capital Tehran, by officials on Wednesday, May 3, after being kept in the morgue for three …

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Whereabouts of 74-Year-Old Journalist Unknown Two Weeks after Arrest

Iranwire – Detained dissident journalist Keyvan Samimi has been held at an undisclosed location, incommunicado, for 14 days, his daughter says. In a tweet on May 3, Adele Samimi said that the family has been denied information about the 74-year-old journalist’s whereabouts or his condition.  She expressed concern about her father’s health, saying he suffers from a heart condition. The …

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Who’s Paying for Poisoned Iranian Schoolgirls’ Treatment? Their Families

Iranwire – Iranian families have to pay out of their own pockets for the treatment of their children who have been affected by chemical attacks on girls’ schools, IranWire has learned. Some victims of the attacks are not covered by social security or any health insurance, and their families are required to pay up to several million tomans (hundreds of …

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