Sunday , 5 December 2021

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Poverty Rate in Iran ‘Doubled’ in Three Years

Iranwire – A new report by the Statistical Center of Iran has now put the inflation rate of imported goods at more than 475 percent year-on-year. It comes as one of Iran’s state-owned news agencies, ILNA, declared the official rate of poverty in Iran doubled between 2017 and 2020. In an interview with ILNA, Farshad Momeni, the head of the Mashhad-based Institute for Islamic Studies in …

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Sattar Beheshti’s Mother to Khamenei: You Have Destroyed Our Country

Iranwire – “I thought my child would come back to me. I didn’t think my child would be killed four days later.” Gohar Eshghi, the 75-year-old mother of murdered Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti, has released a new video to mark the anniversary of her son’s death in custody. In the message published on the Sattar Beheshti Foundation’s official Instagram account, she …

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Tehran Officials: Traffic Curfews Did Nothing to Stop Covid-19

Iranwire – Night-time traffic curfews have been in place in cities across Iran for the best part of 11 months now. According to the rules, people are not allowed to drive private vehicles on the public highway from 10pm to 3am, or they risk a fine of 200,000 tomans (US$48). Within weeks of the restrictions being imposed, provincial officials warned it …

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Iranian Writer Taken Into Custody

HRW – On November 1, Iranian authorities took into custody  Arash Ganji, a writer and a translator, and transferred him to prison to serve the five-year sentence he had received in connection with his translation of a book about Kurds in the Syrian civil war. The government alleged that the translation of the book, A Small Key Can Open a Big Door: …

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Monthly Report October 2021, Iran Human Rights Monitor

Iran-HRM – October 2021 saw the continuation of executions in Iran coupled with a stepped-up pressure on political prisoners. The security forces arbitrarily opened fire on citizens leading to the deaths and injuries of a number of them. Iran Human Rights Monitor’s Monthly Report October 2021 provides but a small part of widespread violations of human rights in Iran last …

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