Sunday , 5 December 2021

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UN ‘deeply concerned’ over Iran’s death penalty on child offenders: Human rights head

Al-Arabia – A senior member of the United Nations has spoken of his “deep concern” over Iran’s death penalty policies and the number of executions of child offenders during an interview with Al Arabiya. Javaid Rehman, special rapporteur on human rights for the UN, said Iran has one of the highest numbers of yearly executions and remains one of the few countries …

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Iran Hit With Yet Another Cyberattack Likely Conducted By Foreign Country

Iranwire – Analysts say a cyberattack earlier this week that disrupted the sale of subsidized fuel in Iran appears to be the latest in a series of cyberstrikes between Tehran and its rivals.The incident, which led to chaos and criticisms of Iran’s preparedness for cyberthreats, is seen as a warning to the Islamic republic. It came ahead of the second …

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Ex-Referee Blows the Whistle on Match-Fixing in Iran

Iranwire – A former Iranian football referee has broken his silence about corruption in the beautiful game and the influence of what he termed the country’s “football mafia”. On Tuesday, October 26, Vahid Salehi made a series of shocking claims on Islamic Republic Radio about his former colleagues “selling” penalties at league competitions, making back-room deals with sports moguls and fiddling their …

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Eyewitnesses: Iranian Border Guards Gunned Down Afghan Women and Children

Iranwire – Afghan refugees trying to enter Iran have been indiscriminately shot at by border guards and many have been killed, IranWire has been told. Two eyewitnesses said that at the time of their attempted crossing in mid-August, the survivors and the wounded were arrested by IRGC agents and sent back to Afghanistan. When they crossed over, both said, Iranian border …

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Baquer Namazi Undergoes Brain Surgery in Prison

Iranwire- Iranian-American Baquer Namazi, who has been detained in Iran since 2016, underwent surgery on Tuesday, October 26 to clear a life-threatening blockage in an artery to his brain. Prior to the operation, Namazi’s son Babak had pleaded with Iranian authorities to lift the travel ban on his father so he could receive medical care overseas. Babak’s brother Siamak Namazi is also jailed in Iran after being arrested in …

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