Sunday , 26 June 2022

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Giving Carrots to Iran Will Not Alter Its Brutal, Expansionist Plan – “The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps … will be responsible not only for guarding and preserving the frontiers of the country, but also for fulfilling the ideological mission of jihad in God’s way; that is, extending the sovereignty of God’s law throughout the world.” – Constitution, Islamic Republic of Iran …

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Swedish Prosecutors Ask for Maximum Sentence for Iranian Jailer Hamid Nouri

Iranwire – The 89th hearing in the trial of Hamid Nouri in Sweden took place on Thursday. During this session, prosecutors asked for him to be handed a life sentence for crimes against humanity. Nouri is charged with war crimes and murder due to his role s a senior prison official at Gohardasht near Tehran during Iran’s 1988 prison massacre. From the outset …

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Iran’s Guards Commander Says Israel Creating Conditions for Own Destruction

VOA – Israel’s actions are creating conditions for its own destruction, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards commander on Friday told a Jerusalem Day rally at which the country’s new domestically-made Kheibar Buster missile was displayed. State television said millions of Iranians joined rallies marking Quds Day, the Arabic name for Jerusalem, in state-organized marches across the country. It showed the Israeli flag …

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Iran: Labor Protests Surge

(HRW) – Iranian workers are facing mounting economic and political challenges to realizing their labor rights, Human Rights Watch and Human Rights Activists (HRA), an Iranian human rights documentation group, said today, ahead of International Workers’ Day on May 1, 2022. Over the past four years, amid a deterioration of Iran’s economic conditions, labor protests have increased in the country, HRA found in its …

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Mohammad Rasoulof: Organised and Legalised Killings is an Apt Description of the Death Penalty in Iran

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) – Award-winning independent filmmaker, Mohammad Rasoulof has penned the foreword to the 2021 Annual Report on the Death Penalty in Iran. Read the full report here. Full text: “Organised and legalised killings is an apt description of the death penalty in Iran. By relying on religious-based laws, the ruling political power initially presented the death penalty …

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