Sunday , 5 December 2021

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Anger Mounts as Arrests for Online Activity Continue to Rise

Iranwire – In Iran, hardly a day goes by without news of someone being arrested for “illegal activities online.” These types of arrests are hardly new, but they now happen with incredible frequency. Most recently, on November 3, the police chief for Marvdasht, Fars Province, announced the force had arrested a local for “publishing pictures of women wearing inappropriate clothing.” The photos …

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IranWire Exclusive: Iran Recalls Senior Fatemiyoun Commanders to Syria

Iranwire – The Islamic Republic has summoned senior commanders of the Fatemiyoun Brigade –  a paramilitary army affiliated with the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps whose members are Afghan citizens and Hazara migrants – to Syria after a three-year hiatus to its operations in the country. A group of less than 300 Fatemiyoun fighters is currently in Syria; but, the commander said, …

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A Public Suicide in Iran Spotlights Anguish Over Economy

VOA —Ruhollah Parazideh, a wiry 38-year-old with a thick mustache and hair flecked with gray, was desperate for a job. The father of three in southern Iran walked into a local office of a foundation that helps war veterans and their families, pleading for assistance. Local media reported that Parazideh told officials he would throw himself off their roof if …

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Political prisoner Mehran Qarebaghi develops heart condition, faces new charges

Iran-HRM – Political prisoner Mehran Qarebaghi has developed a heart condition in the Prison of Behbahan, in the southwestern Khuzestan Province. Mehran Qarehbaghi is in dire heath conditions.The Intelligence Ministry has filed a news case against political prisoner Mehran Qarebaghi, accusing him of propaganda against the state and in favor of the opposition PMOI/MEK while in prison. Mohammad Hossein Ansarifar …

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Tehran Court issues death sentence for Kamran Rezaeifar

Iran-HRM – The Revolutionary Court of Tehran, Branch 28, issued a death sentence for Kamran Rezaeifar, 56, charged with Moharebeh, or waging war on God, for supporting the opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). Agents of the Intelligence Ministry arrested Kamran Rezaeifar in January 2020. They took Mr. Rezaeifar to wards 240 and 209 of Evin to conduct their interrogations.In order …

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