Tuesday , 27 July 2021

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Iran election “no change” for a regime that fails to respect human rights: Albania MP

Al-Arabia – The election of Ebrahim Raisi as Iran’s next president doesn’t appear to demonstrate any meaningful change for a regime that has continued to fail to respect human rights, Taulant Balla, Albanian Member of Parliament and General Secretary of the incumbent Socialist Party told Al Arabiya English on Sunday. Ultraconservative cleric Raisi won Iran’s presidential election last month with 61.95 percent …

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How is Mohseni Ejei Different to Other Chief Justices of Iran?

Iranwire – A number of things set Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei apart from his predecessors as chief justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including having already served as the prosecutor at the Special Clerical Court and been accused of financial corruption even before his appointment was made public. He also competes with his immediate predecessor, president-elect Ebrahim Raisi, for …

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Iran executes two imprisoned brothers forced to “confess”

Iran-HRM – Two imprisoned brothers one of whom was paralyzed due to being beaten in prison were executed in Iran on Sunday. Iranian authorities executed Davood and Bahaoddin Ghasemzadeh for a crime that took place 12 years ago and, according to amnesty International, following a conviction based on forced “confessions”. In addition to the brothers Davood and Bahauddin Qasemzadeh, another …

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Iran: 16-year-old Shakiba Bakhtiar Murdered by Father in Honour Killing

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – A 16-year-old girl named Shakiba Bakhtiar was stabbed to death by her father for “returning home late from bazaar” in Kermanshah. According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, 16-year-old Shakiba Bakhtiar was stabbed to death by her father in an honour killing in Kermanshah. “Shakiba Bakhtiar was stabbed several times by her father because …

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Anvar Abdollahi, Baha-oddin Ghasemzadeh and his Disabled Brother Davood Executed in Urmia

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – Death row prisoners Anvar Abdollahi, Baha-oddin and Davood Ghasemzadeh, all sentenced to qisas (retribution-in-kind) for murder, were executed in Urmia Central Prison today. Baha-oddin and Davood Ghasemzadeh were brothers and Anvar Abdollahi was disabled due to a spinal cord injury. According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, three men were executed in Urmia Central Prison this …

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