Tuesday , 27 July 2021

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Khamenei Confidante, Prisoner Swap Negotiator: Iran’s New Ambassador to the UK

Iranwire – A 55-year-old Iranian diplomat, Mohsen Baharvand, has been appointed as the Islamic Republic’s ambassador to United Kingdom – or formally, to the Court of St. James’s. Iranian ambassadors are usually selected by the foreign ministry and are approved by the president. But in the past 32 years under the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, those due to be dispatched …

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Iran’s Judiciary Attack on Bar Association’s independence

Iran-HRM – Iran’s National Union of the Bar Association issued a statement on July 4 in protest to new guidelines issued by the Judiciary on June 30. The National Union said it would not implement revised regulations to the Law of Attorneyship introduced by the judiciary. The union said that the regulations “violate and restrict the independence of bar associations,” …

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Tortured Sharif University students still detained in high-security ward

Iran-HRM – Mostafa Nili, the lawyer of Tortured Sharif University students Ali Younesi and Amir Hossein Moradi, provided more details about the hearing of the charges against the two, which was held in the Revolutionary Court of Tehran on Saturday, July 3. Nili said that during the hearing, he requested the transfer of his clients from Security Ward 209 to …

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Raisi’s Role in 1988 Mass Executions Should be Investigated by UN Human Rights Council

CHRI – The UN Human Rights Council should act upon the call by UN Special Rapporteur Javaid Rehman for an impartial inquiry into the state-ordered mass executions of thousands of prisoners in Iran in 1988 and the role President-elect Ebrahim Raisi played in those executions. “We strongly support the rapporteur’s call for an independent inquiry as an important step towards delivering answers and justice to the …

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The State Of Human Rights In Iran by National Press Club

Shabtabnews – US Representative of IOPHR, Hamid Gharagozloo, was one of the speakers at the 30th June event “The State of Human Rights in Iran: Live Reports from Iran by Eyewitnesses & Experts” which was organised by National Press Club and held in Washington D.C. The full video of the event can be seen here. During the event many prominent speakers …

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