Thursday , 29 September 2022

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Baluch Moein Atashbar Executed for Murder in Saravan

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) – Moein Atashbar, a Baluch man sentenced to death for murder charges, was executed in Saravan Prison.  According to the Hal Vash, a Baluch man was executed in Saravan Prison on August 20. His identity has been reported as Moein Atashbar who was sentenced to qisas (retribution-in-kind) for murder. At the time of writing, his execution has not …

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Iranian Group Calls For Release Of Reformist Politician Tajzadeh

RFL/RE – Iran’s leading reformist coalition has called for the release of prominent reformist politician Mostafa Tajzadeh, who was arrested last month over accusations of undermining national security. In an open letter to the judiciary, Behzad Nabavi, head of the Reform of Iran coalition, called for Tajzadeh’s case to be “examined in an open court session” by an “impartial” prosecutor. …

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Forget Free Speech: Rushdie’s Fatwa Is Winning – “If only more people could follow his example, instead of taking the path of appeasement in the name of cultural sensitivity, the long years of murder and mayhem wrought by the Islamists on the West might come to an end.” — Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Unherd, August 7, 2022. [A] terrible and different reality: the fatwa is gaining ground… Islamic …

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Iran’s judiciary endangers lives of covid-19 infected political prisoners by deliberately depriving them of treatment

Iran-HRM – With the re-emergence of COVID-19 in Iran, the number of prisoners suffering from this disease has also increased. Many political prisoners infected with COVID-19 are deprived of proper treatment. The poor and unsanitary conditions of prisons, the lack of health and medical facilities, and the overpopulation of prisons have all helped in spreading the infectious disease. In addition …

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Iran Increases Pressure On Filmmakers Ahead Of Release Of Blacklist

RFL/RE – Iranian security officials have stepped up their pressure on filmmakers who signed a recent statement against state repression to force them to rescind their signatures. In case of refusal, the filmmakers have been warned they could be blacklisted and banned from making films in the Islamic republic. A blacklist is due to be released next week, officials have …

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