Saturday , 20 August 2022

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US unveils fresh sanctions on Iranian oil trade network

Al-Monitor – The Biden administration on Wednesday issued a new round of sanctions targeting an international network it says facilitated the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of Iranian oil and petrochemical products to East Asia.  Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement that the State and Treasury departments designated 15 individuals and entities located in …

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Belgium Provisionally Clears Iran Prisoner-Swap Treaty

RFL/RE – Belgian lawmakers have given initial clearance to a prisoner-exchange treaty with Iran that could pave the way for the release of an Iranian diplomat convicted of planning to bomb the rally of an exiled opposition group outside Paris. The Foreign Relations Committee of Belgium’s lower house of parliament debated the treaty over two days before finally approving it …

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Jailed Iranian Activist Says He Will ‘Never’ Ask For Pardon

RFL/RE – Jailed Iranian civil activist Zartosht Ahmadi Ragheb has said in a message that he rejected a proposal by prison officials to seek a pardon. In a message published online on July 4, Ragheb, who is imprisoned in Rajaeeshahr prison, west of Tehran, said that a delegation from the prosecutor’s office visited him twice last week and asked him if he …

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U.S. Envoy Says Iran Added Demands In Nuclear Talks

RFL/RE – U.S. special envoy for Iran Robert Malley says Iran has added demands unrelated to discussions on its nuclear program during the latest talks in Doha aimed at breaking an impasse in negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. “They have, including in Doha, added demands that I think anyone looking at this would be viewed as having nothing …

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Football Star Challenges IRGC Conspiracy-Theorist-in-Chief: “What Have You Done?”

Iranwire – Iranian football coach Ali Karimi launched a blistering attack on the IRGC officer and conspiracy theorist Hassan Abbasi on Wednesday, demanding: “At least we’ve made the hearts of a few people happy. What have you done, you bozo?” The tirade, posted on the outspoken ex-player’s Instagram account, came after Abbasi spoke in mocking terms about the contribution of …

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