Thursday , 29 September 2022

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The Takeaway: Iran’s protesters adjust to regime crackdown

Al-Monitor – Iranian protesters are beginning to shift tactics to adapt to a sweeping campaign of arrests and a near-total internet shutdown aimed at stifling their message.  For a firsthand account of anti-government protests that have raged for nearly two weeks, The Takeaway reached out to an Al-Monitor correspondent in Tehran, who says “life is hanging in the balance” amid the …

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Iran says enemies causing ‘sedition’ in the country with protests

Al-Monitor – At a cabinet meeting today, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi blamed “enemy” countries for provoking protests.  “The enemy’s efforts at sedition in the country is a result of the fear they have of the system’s power and progress,” Raisi said. The word “sedition” fell into popular use after the 2009 protests. Raisi is scheduled to speak again and address the country …

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards strike dissident sites in Iraq: Report

Al-Arabia – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards struck militant targets in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq with missiles and drones, the state news agency IRNA said on Wednesday. A senior member of Komala, an Iranian Kurdish opposition party, told Reuters that several of their offices were struck on Wednesday morning. He said there had been casualties and material damage but he …

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Iranian Security Forces Vow To Confront Amini Protests With ‘All Their Might’ As UN Warns Against Use of ‘Unnecessary’ Force

RFL/RE – Iranian police have warned that they will confront “with all their might” women-led protests that erupted nearly two weeks ago over the death of Mahsa Amini in custody as the United Nations called on Tehran to refrain from using “unnecessary or disproportionate force” against protesters. Officials say 60 people have died during the protests, but the group Iran …

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Iranian Oil Workers Warn Of Strike If Government Doesn’t End Crackdown

RFL/RE – Iranian oil industry contract workers have warned the government to end its crackdown on protesters or they will strike, a move that could cripple a key sector of the economy.SEE ALSO:Twelfth Night Of Protests In Iran As Professors Join Outcry Over Death Of Woman Arrested For Hijab Violation “We support the people’s struggles against organized and everyday violence against women …

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