Monday , 24 February 2020

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Iran’s Lowest Election Turnout Since Islamic Revolution A Blow To Khamenei, Clerical Establishment

Iranians have largely ignored a massive get-out-the vote effort by the government to record the lowest turnout for a nationwide election since the establishment of the Islamic republic in 1979.The Interior Ministry says a record low of 42.57 percent of registered voters took part in Iran’s February 21 parliamentary elections, which is about 20 percent lower than the 2016 elections.Analysts …

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How Should the West Respond to the Iranian Protesters?

gatestoneinstitute,org – “Right now people are mad, not just because of their own government… People are furious about the Western reaction, with the silence of the world. When they see that people are getting killed, but still the Western governments do not dare to openly support human rights and ask the United Nations to make an open investigation into the …

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Historic low voter turnout in Iran shows ‘dissatisfaction’ with regime: Experts

Al-Arabia – Iran’s interior ministry announced a 42.57 percent voter turnout in Friday’s parliamentary election, the lowest turnout since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The interior ministry released the figure on Sunday with unprecedented delay, but did not give a reason for the wait. The decision by Iranian authorities to hold back the final voter turnout count “means that they are …

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The annual celebration of international Sufi day

ShabtabtNews – For the past eleven years  the 22nd February (3rd of Esfand in the Iranian calendar) has been celebrated as the international Sufi day . This year the international Sufi day was celebrated by the soveida ensemble through holding a special concert in the heart of London in the honour of this day . In this concert the soveida …

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Coronavirus death toll rises to 18 in Iran: Sources

Al-Arabia – The death toll from the deadly coronavirus rose to 18 in Iran on Sunday, reported Al Arabiya citing Iranian sources. The Iranian government confirmed two more deaths on Sunday, putting their total to eight, but Al Arabiya sources put the number initally at 18 and then at “more than 15.” On the same day, Iran International media outlet …

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