Saturday , 29 January 2022

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In Sign Of Deepening Ties, Taliban Increases Afghanistan’s Water Flow To Iran

RFL/RE – Iran helped the United States topple the Taliban’s brutal regime in Afghanistan in 2001.But more than 20 years later, after U.S. forces withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban regained power, the once sworn enemies have become allies.Differences remain between Afghanistan’s Sunni Taliban rulers and Iran’s Shi’ite clerical regime. Tehran, like the rest of the international community, has yet …

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Iran Arrests 17 Over Social-Media Video Pranks

RFL/RE – Iranian police say they have arrested 17 people suspected of filming candid-camera pranks that boosted their social-media followings but incited panic in the streets of Tehran. Those arrested allegedly “amused themselves by playing on people’s nerves and the peace and security of the public by filming candid-camera footage of horror gags on the streets of the capital,” Tehran …

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Thirty More Iranian Officials Accused in London of November 2019 Crimes

Iranwire – A second round of hearings in a landmark “people’s tribunal” examining potential crimes against humanity in the November 2019 protests will take place in London next weekend. The Aban Tribunal, an initiative led by by Iranian rights groups in the diaspora and international legal experts, held its first hearings in November 2021. A panel of distinguished lawyers heard evidence from tens …

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Anousheh Ashouri’s Hunger Strike: “This Time it’s Different”

Iranwire – Barry Rosen’s recent hunger strike in Vienna inspired a new campaign of activism. Among those inspired to show solidarity with the former American hostage was Iranian-British citizen Anousheh Ashouri, currently held in Evin Prison on charges of espionage. Rosen, who was one of 52 Americans held hostage in the United States embassy in Tehran in 1979, began his strike on January 18, protesting …

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Mounting Charges and Phone Bans: What Atena and Family Endured

Iranwire – Civil rights activist Atena Daemi was released from Lakan Prison in Rasht on the evening of Monday, January 24, 2022. Daemi’s campaigning has focused largely on children’s rights, and particularly the rights of child laborers, but she also has a wide knowledge about and experience of working on other issues, including the rights of Baha’is, education, and justice for the mass …

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