Friday , 30 July 2021

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U.S., EU Must Speak Out Forcefully to Avoid Further Bloodshed in Iran

CHRI—As state security forces in Iran continue to violently suppress peaceful protests that erupted in Khuzestan province and have since spread to other areas of the country, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) calls on the U.S. and European countries to condemn the government’s lethal use of force against the protesters, and to demand that the Iranian authorities allow peaceful …

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Iran’s supreme leader says ‘cowardly’ US cannot be trusted

Al-Monitor – As the United States and other Western nations await for the new Iranian administration to take over Aug. 3 in order to complete negotiations on the nuclear deal, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has suggested that deep differences still remain. In a July 28 meeting with outgoing President Hassan Rouhani and his Cabinet, Khamenei summed up the Rouhani administration’s performance …

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US condemns violence against protesters in Iran

Al-Monitor – The State Department on Wednesday condemned the use of violence against anti-government protesters in Iran, a rebuke that comes as nuclear negotiations with Tehran remain at a standstill. The widespread protests, which erupted nearly two weeks ago over chronic water shortages in the southwestern region of Khuzestan, have spread to several cities including the capital, Tehran. Amnesty International has …

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An overview of climate change in Iran: facts and statistics

environmentalsystemsresearch – The climate change fact is intensive among the Middle East countries and especially Iran. Among the Middle East countries, Iran will experience an increase of 2.6 °C in mean temperatures and a 35% decline in precipitation in the next decades. In vice versa, Iran by total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions nearly to 616,741 million tons of CO2 is the first …

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Iran’s crimes and acts of war will continue until Biden responds forcefully

washingtontimes – The plot was audacious: Agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran would kidnap an American citizen on American soil. Masih Alinejad, an Iranian-born journalist and human rights activist, was to be grabbed, spirited out of Brooklyn to Venezuela, and then on to Tehran where she would have been imprisoned, tortured, and, almost certainly, executed. Last week, the FBI, to its enormous credit, …

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