Monday , 21 August 2017

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Iranian return to hajj could help end Saudi deadlock

Al-monitor — For the first time in two years, Tehran has sent Iranian pilgrims to Saudi Arabia for the annual hajj pilgrimage. Although this can be considered a positive step toward reducing tension between the two sides, it is naive to think that developments such as this will solve the existing problems between Tehran and Riyadh. AUTHOR Saeid Jafari Iran’s decision to end …

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Iranian Opposition Leader Mehdi Karroubi Goes on Hunger Strike to Challenge Arrest

Radiozamaneh – Mehdi Karroubi, one of the opposition leaders of Iran’s Green Movement who has been under house arrest since 2010 is now refusing food in protest to the conditions of his arrest. Karoubi decided to go on hunger strike to demand a public trial; he is also asking security forces that are living with him and monitoring his every move …

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IRAN: Six Inmates at Rajaee Shahr Prison Punished With Solitary Confinement For Going on Hunger Strike

CHRI –Prisoners Protest Transfer to High-Security Ward Without Medicine or Clothes Rajaee Shahr Prison in Karaj. More than 50 political prisoners in Rajaee Shahr Prison are in severe distress, with at least six on hunger strike in solitary confinement, after they were moved en masse to a high-security ward without any of their clothes or medicine. “This is the same ward where about 20 …

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Iranian Soccer Body Says Star Players Not Banned for Playing Against Israeli Team

CHRI – NO Decision” Ruling Issued Following Social Media Public Outcry After days of public outcry over an Iranian official’s declaration that two national soccer players were banned from the national team for playing against an Israeli team, Iran’s soccer federation announced it has made no official decision. Banning the players, who played against the Israeli team while employed by the national …

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Moscow Voices Hope Iran Won’t Quit Nuclear Deal

RFL/RE – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Moscow hopes Iran will not quit the agreement reached in 2015 with world powers to curb its nuclear work in return for the lifting of most economic sanctions. Lavrov spoke on August 16 after Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s warning the previous day that Tehran could abandon the deal “within hours” if …

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