Wednesday , 24 October 2018

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German Banks Report Sharp Fall In Iran Exports Amid New US Sanctions

Radiofarda – German exports to Iran have dwindled since the United States pulled out of the international nuclear deal with Tehran, data showed on Friday, despite Berlin’s attempts to shield companies from renewed U.S. sanctions against Tehran.

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How will the approaching US sanctions affect Iran’s economy?

Al-Arabia – The second round of the United States sanctions on Iran, which starts in the beginning of November, targets the heart of the Iranian economy through disrupting the flow of foreign capital.

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Threats to the life of Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri

Shabtabnews – The  case of Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri proves that he is hostage to the malice and cruelty of the Iranian security,  as according to the law, not only Dr Taheri should have been released, but he has been kept illegally in prison for more than three years in addition to his original sentence, without any form of additional charges …

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Dozens Of Political Prisoners Go On Hunger Strike After Prison Guards’ Attack

Iran-HRM – 72 political prisoners in ward 12 and 13 of Urmia Central Prison has launched a hunger strike protesting a raid carried out by prison guards and special anti-riot units in this prison on Tuesday.

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Watchdog Warns Iran Could Be Blacklisted Unless It Acts Against Terrorism Funding

RFL/RE – A global financial watchdog has given Iran until February to crack down on terrorism funding or risk further sanctions on its struggling economy.

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