Monday , 10 August 2020

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Expanding the horizons of the kamancheh – German-Iranian Misagh Joolaee was recently recognised for widening the scope of playing the Persian spiked fiddle with the German Record Critics’ Award. Mariam Brehmer listened to his new album The kamancheh, also known as the Persian spiked fiddle, is a mainstay in Iranian art music and has been popularised on the international stage by the virtuoso Kayhan Kalhor. This delicate bowed …

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IOPHR Statement in relation to the execution of Mr. Mostafa Salehi, a 30-year-old Iranian citizen.

Shabtabnews – In a recent statement IOPHR condemns the execution of Mostafa Salehi whose only crime was to take part in the December 2016/ January 2017 peaceful protest against the 300% increase in the price of gasoline in Esfahan province.  The statement also states that “Mr. Salehi was charged with murder, after his arrest in order to justify his execution! …

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State Department Text Messages May Harm Iranian Recipients, Expert Says

Radiofarda – A London-based Internet expert on Thursday said that a text message from the State Department’s Rewards for Justice Program which some Iranians have received is likely to put their lives in danger. Russian media reported that Russian citizens also received similar messages on Thursday. Nariman Gharib has published screenshots of the message received by some Iranians recently that …

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The Body Of Fugitive Judge Who Died In Romania Buried In Iran

Radiofarda – The spokesman for the Islamic Republic’s judiciary announced on August 6, that Judge Gholamreza Mansouri who died in Romania in suspicious circumstances in June was buried in Mashhad. Only four days earlier, the former Judge’s brother had announced that his family was able to identify the body. The spokesman, Gholam Hossein Esmaeili has not specified whether Mansouri’s family …

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Ukraine Tells Zarif Iran Must Provide Full Explanation For Downed Airliner

Radiofarda – Ukraine expects to receive full information from Iran about the circumstances in which Iranian forces shot down an airliner in January, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, told Mohammad Javad Zarif, on Wednesday, August 5. The report should respect all international standards, Kuleba reminded Zarif. The ministers also discussed the results of the first round of negotiations on …

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