Friday , 30 July 2021

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Iran protests gain momentum despite deadly crackdown

Al-Monitor – On their 12th day, the rallies that initially began in the Iranian oil-rich but underdeveloped province of Khuzestan attracted growing solidarity from across the country. Videos have gone viral of demonstrations in Tehran, Karaj, Kermanshah, Isfahan and Bushehr, where protesters have been chanting slogans against Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, with calls for an end to the clerical ruling establishment. …

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Protests Spread In Iran As Anger Rises Over Water And Electricity Shortages, Virus Response

RFL/RE – Angry protests against water shortages and deteriorating economic conditions in Iran continued to expand, a day after demonstrators in Tehran made a rare display of open discontent with the country’s Islamic leadership. Late on July 26, protesters in the city of Karaj, the capital of Alborz Province, chanted “Death to the dictator,” the same slogan that was heard …

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The Truth about Iran Cannot be Untold – For nearly two weeks, there have been large demonstrations in the southwestern Iranian province of Khuzestan that began over severe shortages in water supplies and quickly escalated into anti-regime protests. Other cities and townships in Iran followed suit in support of protests in Khuzestan. This is the natural course of all protests in Iran under the Islamic Republic. …

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Anti-Government Protests Erupt in Tehran

Iranwire – Protesters amassed in Jomhouri Avenue in central Tehran on Monday to chant anti-government slogans including “Shame, Khamenei! Let go of this country” and “Mullahs get lost”. Iranians on social media reported that the group marching down the shopping street at noon was partly enraged by the blackouts that have blighted the capital and cities across Iran for two months now. The long …

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Tehran: Army Beds Repurposed as Hospitalized Covid-19 Patients Reach 10,000

Iranwire – Ten thousand hospital beds in the Iranian capital are now occupied by patients with severe Covid-19 after a surge in cases prompted by to the Delta variant, the deputy director for Tehran’s Coronavirus Taskforce has said. Nader Tavakoli told IRNA on Tuesday that hospital beds earmarked for the armed forces and social security recipients would be co-opted for use by …

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