Saturday , 29 January 2022

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Scientific Report: Governance, not Climate Change, the Root Cause of Iran’s Water Bankruptcy

Iranwire – A recently-published report examining decades of water resource management in Iran has made the most convincing argument yet that the political structure in Iran – not global warming, sanctions or the behaviour of Iranian citizens – is what’s stopping the country from resolving the water crisis. Published in the peer-reviewed journal Sustainability, University of Maryland researcher Mehdi Ketabchy’s Investigating the Impacts …

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Taliban Tight-Lipped Over Iranian-Born Activist’s Murder

Iranwire – The bullet-riddled body of Saadi Khaledi, a Kurdish political activist and vocal critic of the Islamic Republic, was found on Saturday, January 22 in Afghanistan’s Baghlan province. He was buried in Kabul days later. His family told IranWire they are convinced the Iranian regime was behind the killing. The plot to assassinate Khaledi was initiated on January 20. A car …

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‘Get Under the Table’: Guards’ Sadism at Shapur Detention Center

Iranwire – Prison Narratives is a collection of reports based on the testimonies of current and former prisoners. The narrators are both prisoners of conscience and people who have been detained for “ordinary,” non-political crimes. They talk about their lives in prison and guide the reader through the environment and the people they encounter. This report is from Shapur Detention Center, a …

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Dissident rapper Toomaj Salehi sentenced to prison and fine

Iran-HRM – Toomaj Salehi, a dissident rap artist said that a court has handed down a fine and six months suspended imprisonment for him on charges of “insulting the leadership and propaganda against the regime.” He did not elaborate on his sentence in a tweet he posted on January 24, but wrote that his prison sentence is suspended for a …

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Hostage Benjamin Briere’s “Price” Raised as Judge Imposes Eight-Year Prison Term

CHRI – The manner in which an Iranian judge sentenced French national Benjamin Briere to eight years imprisonment is “against the law,” a member of Briere’s legal team told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI). “The way this case was handled makes it clear that Briere is a hostage in Iran whose fate is tied to how much Iran can extract from …

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