Wednesday , 18 October 2017

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“Suspended” Zoroastrian Member of Yazd City Council Facing Uncertain Future

CHRI – The head councilman of the city of Yazd, in southeastern Iran, has refused to carry out a court order suspending the membership of a fellow councilman who is a member of the minority Zoroastrian faith. “In my mind and in my religion, I know this ruling is not consistent with religion, freedom or logic,” said chief councilman Gholamali Sefid …

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Trump’s Strategy For Toughening Iran Deal Faces Uncertain Future In Congress

RFL/RE – U.S. President Donald Trump’s call for legislation aimed at toughening the Iran nuclear deal faces an uncertain future in Congress even as leading Republican senators stepped forward to champion the cause.

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US military setting new plans for Iran

Al-Arabia – The US military said on Friday it was identifying new areas where it could work with allies to put pressure on Iran in support of President Donald Trump’s new strategy, which promises a far more confrontational approach to Tehran.

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US Treasury places Iran’s Revolutionary Guards under sanctions

Al-Arabia – The US Treasury Department announced on Friday that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has been placed on the US sanctions list.

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Iran Angrily Rebukes Trump’s Decision to Decertify Nuclear Deal

VOA — Iran’s president said Friday that the nuclear deal it signed with six world powers in 2015 could not be revoked, after U.S. President Donald Trump announced he would not certify that Iran was in compliance with it.

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