Thursday , 4 June 2020

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Chess Official In Iran Fired Over His Daughter’s Hijab

Radiofarda – A chess official in Iran says the Islamic Ministry of Sports has pressured him to resign from all his sports activities because his daughter “had not respected the so-called Islamic dress code”. Keyumars Bayat (L), was forced to resign as a chess official. FILE PHOTO Former owner of the Sepid Roud-i Rasht soccer club, Keyumars Bayat has been …

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US Dismisses Iran’s Accusations Of Suppression Of Protesters, Journalists

Radiofarda – In a thread of tweets on Tuesday, the Persian-language Twitter account of the U.S. Department of State refuted Iran’s accusations of suppressing protesters and preventing the media from reporting it. “The Iranian people dream of a day that they can have the same freedoms as the people of the United States when their country can finally achieve higher …

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New COVID-19 Cases Soar To Record Highs In Iran After Two-Month Drop

Radiofarda – According to the latest official statistics on Tuesday, the number of new COVID-19 cases in Iran has considerably increased to the highest level in the past two months prompting Health Minister Saeed Namaki to warn that “circumstances are not normal”. In his daily briefing on Tuesday, the Health Ministry Spokesman Dr. Kianoush Jahanpur said “on the basis of …

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Woman Jailed for Internet Activities Held in Limbo for Almost a Month

Iran-HRM – Nearly one month after the arrest of a woman in the northern Bushehr Province, Iranian authorities have refused to provide any information on her fate, leaving her family worried about her condition.Somayeh Ramouz was arrested on May 9, 2020 by officials from the ministry of intelligence in Bushehr. She has been apparently detained for her activities on social …

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After Crushing Anti-Government Rallies At Home, Iran Expresses Support For U.S. Protesters

RFL/RE – Iran is using the killing in the United States of an African-American man at the hands of a white policeman and the angry wave of protests it has caused as a propaganda tool to settle scores with Washington, which has imposed a campaign of “maximum pressure” on Tehran that includes crippling economic sanctions. Iranian officials have denounced the …

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