Tuesday , 21 August 2018

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Iranian MP says 60 million Iranians are facing famine and hunger

iran-hrm – The use of terms such as “line of poverty” and “absolute poverty” have become commonplace in Iran. And state-run media always provide the most optimistic estimates.

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Washington agrees with Putin on Iran’s pullout from Syria

alarabiya – The United States is facing a new turning point in its policy toward Syria, as it announced the appointment of former US ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey will serve as a special advisor to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Syria overseeing talks on a political transition in that country.

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Iran Defense Chief Vows Continued Missile Efforts, New Fighter Jet

radiofarda – Iran’s defense minister says the country will continue to focus efforts on developing missile capabilities and will next week unveil a new fighter jet amid U.S. efforts to curb Tehran’s weapons programs and regional influence.

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Rouhani VP Says Corruption Has Reached Top Officials

radiofarda – Corruption in Iran has spread and extended to “a number of top state officials”, the Islamic Republic’s Vice President has declared.

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Merkel, Putin Exchange Views On Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pipeline

rferl.org – The Kremlin says German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a “”very serious and detailed” three-hour discussion during their meeting outside of Berlin, including an exchange of views on Ukraine, Syria, Iran, and a crucial pipeline project.

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