Wednesday , 20 February 2019

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Iran’s Khamenei warns govt about deception by European states

Al-Arabia – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday warned his country’s government not to be deceived by European signatories of the nuclear deal with major powers, now under threat after a US withdrawal.

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Two Young Men At Risk Of Execution For Crimes Committed As Juveniles

Iran-HRM – The family of a young man who was sentenced to death at 15 years old were informed by prison authorities that their son would be executed soon.

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Morality Police Fire Shots In Air To Disperse Compulsory Hijab Protesters

Iran-HRM – Iranian security forces fired shots in the air Friday February 15 evening after clashes between a crowd of people with morality police took place in Narmak, a neighbourhood in northeast Tehran.

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Australia Says ‘Sophisticated State Actor’ Hacked Lawmakers, Parliament

RFL/RE – Australia says a “sophisticated state actor” was responsible for a cyberattack on Australian lawmakers earlier this month, most likely carried out by a foreign country.

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Saudi Minister: Iran Harboring al-Qaida’s “Board of Directors”

VOA— Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of harboring what it said was “the board of directors of al-Qaida” and rejected charges Riyadh was behind last week’s suicide car bombing that killed against 27 personnel of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

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