Tuesday , 29 November 2022

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Americans Overwhelmingly Support Protesters in Iran

VOA – The death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian woman who was detained by the country’s morality police for breaking a rule that mandates females wear hijabs, has sparked nearly two months of protests in every province across Iran. Videos on social media have shown Iranian women lighting their headscarves on fire, cutting their hair in public and …

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Iran Human Rights Condemns MPs’ Death Penalty Demand for Protesters

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO)- In a statement, 227 of the 290 members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) called on the Judiciary to issue and carry out the death penalty for protesters. Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei, the Head of Judiciary also asked judges to issue sentences more swiftly. Iran Human Rights strongly condemns the statement by the 227 MPs who it emphasises, …

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Unfair trials prepare for execution of Iran protesters

Iran-HRM – Death sentence issued for 2 Kurd protesters; Iranian MPs call for executing protesters As Iran’s Judiciary is issuing death sentences for imprisoned protesters, MPs have signed a statement calling on the Judiciary to decisively execute protesters. Kermanshahi singer charged for “waging war on God” The trial of Kurdish singer, Saman Yassin, presided over by Judge Salavati, was held at …

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Iran National Liberation Front report on : Security versus Terrorism and Iran

Shabtabnews – In a recent report INLF outlined a workable and practical solution to the issue of ” Security versus Terrorism and Iran” . The report also asked the world community especially the EU to : ” 1- to recall their representatives from the existing illegal regime ruling over the Iranian nation, and not to give refuge to the Islamic …

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Iran Lawmakers Demand Severe Punishment For ‘Rioters’ As Protests Rage

RFL/RE – Hard-line Iranian lawmakers urged the judiciary on November 6 to “deal decisively” with perpetrators of unrest, as the Islamic Republic struggles to suppress the biggest show of dissent in years. A majority of 227 lawmakers from Iran’s 290-seat, hard-liner-led parliament made the request to the judiciary, according to a statement from deputies quoted by state media. The activist …

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