Monday , 11 December 2023

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Iranian Cancer Researcher Detained At Boston Airport Despite Valid Visa

RFL/RE – An Iranian cancer researcher arriving in the United States to start work at a prominent Boston hospital was detained this week at Logan International Airport, the hospital has said. Boston Children’s Hospital said that Mohsen Dehnavi was prevented from entering the country with his wife and three young children despite holding a J-1 visa for visiting scholars. They arrived …

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More Changes to the Drug-Related Death Penalty Proposal in Iran

Radiozamaneh – While Iranian MPs are requesting that judiciary temporary suspends executions for minor drug charges, a proposal to amend the law and reduce execution rates returns back to the parliament for some changes. Iranian Parliament’s Judiciary Commission has called on the judiciary to impose a moratorium on the execution of all death sentences in connection with drug convictions until the …

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Rights Groups are Concerned as more Arrests are Allegedly Linked to ISIS in Iran

Radiozamaneh – An official with Mashhad Judiciary in Iran says that the recent arrests of 27 individual in Iran are linked to “ISIS terrorists”. Hussein Heidari, the deputy prosecutor of city of Mashhad has told local media on 9 July, that initially 21 individuals were arrested but the number of arrests is now 27 mostly Afghan nationals. Heidari characterized the arrests …

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Tillerson Signs Pact with Qatar to Curb Terrorism Financing

VOA — U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s effort to resolve a dispute between Qatar and four of its Persian Gulf neighbors shifted Wednesday to Saudi Arabia where he is due to meet with officials from the nations accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism. The talks in Jeddah come a day after Tillerson announced the U.S. and Qatar signed a memorandum of …

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At least Two Prisoners Executed in Mahabad and Rasht on Drug Charges

Iran Human Rights – At least two prisoners were hanged on drug related charges. A prisoner was reportedly executed at Mahabad Prison and at least one prisoner was reportedly executed at Rasht’s central prison. Both prisoners were reportedly executed on drug related charges. According to close sources, the prisoner at Mahabad Prison was executed on the morning of Monday July 10. …

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