Sunday , 26 June 2022

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Hunger Strike of a Prisoner in Tabriz Central Prison

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Reza Sobhkhiz, prisoner in Tabriz central prison, has been on hunger strike for over twenty days. He is held in ward 12 of Tabriz central prison since 8 years ago because general criminal offenses. Mohammad Reza Sobhkhiz is deprived of his freedom despite the end of his impressment due to repayments and the private plaintiff. The …

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Iranian Woman MP Legitimizes Protest against Compulsory Hijab

Radiozamaneh – Head of Iranian Parliament’s Women’s Faction reports that their faction has been investigating the protests against compulsory hijab in Iran that started as of December 2017. She added that sessions to review these protests, where a number of sociologists as well as representatives of the judiciary and the executive branch will be in attending are underway. Parvaneh Salahshouri …

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Inaccessible Louvre Exhibit Highlights Ongoing Challenges For Persons Living With Disabilities in Iran

CHRI – A popular exhibition by the Louvre Museum in Paris at the National Museum of Iran has come under criticism because it is inaccessible to people living with disabilities.

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Minister Reveals Cyber Attack On Iranian Data Centers, Blames Foreign Hackers

Radiofarda – Iran’s Telecommunications minister has criticized the government’s cyber-attack monitoring center for failing to detect an attack that led to the hacking of several Iranian data centers on the evening of April 6, despite a warning about the attack ten days before it took place.

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Hardline Cleric: Government Wants To Blame Khamenei For Filtering Telegram

Radiofarda – A hardline Iranian cleric claims that President Rouhani’s government intends to filter the messaging app Telegram and put the blame on the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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