Tuesday , 6 June 2023

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Iran Executions: Three Men Hanged in Public- IHR Warns About a New Wave of Execution in the Coming Weeks

Iran Human Rights – Three prisoners were hanged in public at Iranian city of Shiraz this morning. Several children were observed among the crowd watching the executions.

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Second Peaceful Teachers’ Strike in Iran Met With Arrests, Summons and Threats

CHRI – Iranian security and judicial authorities responded to the second round of peaceful teachers’ rights strikes by arresting and summoning alleged participants in several cities across the nation.

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Iranian pension funds on brink absent major reforms

Al-Monitor – Successive Iranian administrations have in past decades, to various degrees, shown a tendency toward populist policies. This has often meant losing sight of underlying issues that are only addressed after transforming into fully fledged crises. The state of pension funds in Iran, which is becoming increasingly dire, is a prime example of the latter.

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Colleagues Of Iranian FM Zarif’s Come To His Defense As Impeachment Talk Conitues

Radiofarda – While signature collection is reportedly underway in Majles (Iran’s parliament) to impeach the Islamic Republic’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, his subordinates have raised voices to defend their boss. Talk of Zarif’s impeachment by some conservative MPs on Monday became more pointed on Tuesday as one MP claimed collecting signatures has already begun.

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IRAN: Drought, Climate Change Drive Migration To Already Parched Mazandaran Province

Radiofarda – The director general of the Meteorological Organization of Mazandaran province in northern Iran says widespread drought in the country is driving migration to his province as farmers look for land with a more plentiful water supply, but Mazandaran is itself now struggling with a water shortage.

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