Sunday , 26 June 2022

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Saudi-Led Coalition Accuses Iran Of Supplying Huthi Missiles That Hit Riyadh – A military coalition led by Saudi Arabia is accusing Iran of supplying Yemen’s Huthi rebels with the ballistic missiles used to attack Riyadh over the weekend and said it is weighing an “appropriate” response.

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Iran Currency Hits Record Low, Crashing Through 50,000 Mark

Radiofarda – The Iranian rial fell to a record low on Monday, breaking through the 50,000-to-the-dollar mark for the first time as analysts blamed uncertainty from Washington.

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We Will End Israel’s Life In less Than 25 Years -Iran’s Army Commander

Radiofarda – Chief Commander of the Islamic Republic’s regular army has once again threatened Israel with total annihilation. Referring to a comment by the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said, “We will finish off Israel’s life within less than 25 years.” Khamenei had asserted earlier, “I would say that they [Israel] will not see …

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UN Rights Council Extends Mandate of Special Rapporteur On Iran

Radiofarda – The UN Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution extending the mandate on Iran, the Islamic Republic’s official news agency IRNA reported. According to IRNA, “Adopted along with five other resolutions in a meeting in Geneva on Friday, the resolution on Iran extended by a period of one year the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the situation …

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Conservative Cleric Advises Police To Be Tough On Anti-Hijab Protesters

Radiofarda – High-ranking Shi’ite cleric Nasser Makarem Shirazi has criticized Iranian officials for using the expression “compulsory hijab,” fearing its “negative connotation” would undermine the Islamic nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Speaking in Qom during a meeting with Police Chief Hossein Ashtari on March 24, Makarem Shirazi, better known as Makarem, tried to reduce a social and political …

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