Saturday , 4 December 2021

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Human Rights Day and Iran’s Suppression

newsmax – Today is Human Rights Day! Is this a day for celebration or mourning? Ordinarily, such a day would be for festivity; but, this day is not a usual moment in time. Why? The Iranian regime is the source of human rights abuses. Iran is not a typical state. It has the trappings of being normal, when, in fact, …

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nrttv – An Iranian court has sentenced a young woman of Kurdish origin to prison and ordered her to receive 50 lashes as punishment for participating in an event recognizing the referendum on Kurdistan independence in northern Iraq. Zamana Zewia, a student at Payam Noor University in Saqqez, was accused of “acting against national security,” “participating in illegal gatherings” and “disrupting …

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Putin wants to work with Iran and Turkey to kick-start Syrian peace process – agencies

Reuters – Russian President Vladimir Putin told Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday he wanted to work with Iran and Turkey to kick-start the Syrian peace process, Russian news agencies reported. Putin was also cited as telling Assad he hoped that it would be possible to launch the work of the Syrian Congress on National Dialogue and that he would …

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American Diplomat: US Looks to Counter Iran in Post-war Iraq

VOA —As Iraq emerges from three years of war with the Islamic State group, the U.S. is looking to roll back the influence of neighboring Iran and help the central government resolve its dispute with the Kurdish region, the American envoy to the country told The Associated Press. U.S. Ambassador Douglas Silliman took up his post in Baghdad in September …

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Rouhani’s New Iran Budget Focuses on Jobs, Fixing Banks

Bloomberg – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani submitted a $337 billion draft budget to parliament that earmarks about $100 billion for public service programs that would create jobs, address a banking crisis and introduce a new social security program. Rouhani told lawmakers that the budget was based on oil prices forecast at $55 a barrel, according to an advance text of …

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