Saturday , 25 June 2022

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Is a New Chapter Beginning in the Tussle Between Iran and Israel?

Iranwire – The last decade has seen the assassinations of several Iranians involved in the Islamic Republic’s nuclear and missile programs. Now, it seems, a series of less marked “suspicious deaths” are following them. Late on Sunday, June 12, and then the next day, Iranian state media reported that two men working in tthe aerospace industry had been killed in separate incidents. The circumstances of their …

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Satellite Images Suggest Iran Preparing Rocket Launch

VOA —Iran appeared to be readying for a space launch Tuesday as satellite images showed a rocket on a rural desert launch pad, just as tensions remain high over Tehran’s nuclear program. The images from Maxar Technologies showed a launch pad at Imam Khomeini Spaceport in Iran’s rural Semnan province, the site of frequent recent failed attempts to put a …

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Teacher union activist Mehdi Fathi transferred to prison

Iran-HRM – Mehdi Fathi, a teacher union activist, was transferred to Adelabad Prison in Shiraz to serve his sentence. Mr. Fathi was arrested by security forces at his home on June 8. According to an informed source: “Mr. Fathi fell down the stairs and was injured upon during his arrest by the state security forces, and at the same time …

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Human rights defender Maryam Karimbeigi arrested in Tehran

Iran-HRM -Human rights defender Maryam Karimbeigi was arrested today by the state security forces after raiding and ransacking her mother’s home. Shahnaz Akmali, Karimbeigi’s mother said in a video today that her daughter was arrested. Shahnaz Akmali, the mother of a protester who was killed in #IranProtests in 2009, says security forces raided her home & arrested her daughter, Maryam Karimbeigi.Maryam is …

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Iranian labor minister resigns amid protests against soaring living costs

Al-Arabia – Iran’s labor minister resigned on Tuesday amid daily nationwide protests by pensioners, merchants and workers against soaring living costs. While it was not clear if Hojatollah Abdolmaleki’s resignation was directly related to the month-long protests, a senior MP blamed his “incompetence” for the unrest. The semi-official Tasnim news site said his resignation followed “mounting criticism for his handling …

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