Wednesday , 18 May 2022

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Opposition figure voices rare criticism of Iran’s top leader

abcnews – An Iranian opposition figure under house arrest has voiced rare criticism of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, blaming him for the “disastrous results” of the Revolutionary Guard’s vast political and economic influence.

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Iran’s hijab protest catches on

theweek – A second woman has been arrested in Iran for disobeying the country’s strict dress laws, which require women to be covered from head to toe.

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Iran’s Relationship With Qatar Could Be Crumbling

nationalinterest – Tensions between the Gulf states and Qatar developed into an outright feud last June as a result of Qatar’s drift toward Iran, which led the Saudis and their partners to impose a boycott and cut off air, sea, and land routes to Qatar. Instead of responding positively to a demand that it cut ties with Tehran, Qatar defiantly restored full …

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Iran’s Secret Shunning of a Minority Faith

Bloomberg – The Baha’i have been excluded from basic civic functions like pensions and education. They’re publishing the proof.

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Footage shows renewed protests in several Iranian cities overnight

AL-Arabia – Protests renewed in Iran overnight according to videos and footage which showed people protesting in Bandar Abbas in the south, Najafabad in Isfahan in center Iran, Kerman in the southeast and in Shiraz, the center of the Fars Province. Watch the protest: During their protest in Bandar Abbas, protestors were calling on more people to join them. …

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