Wednesday , 18 May 2022

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Amnesty – Iranian man Hamid Ahmadi, arrested at 17 and sentenced to death on the basis of torture-tainted “confessions” is at risk of execution. According to the authorities, his request for retrial has been rejected and his death sentence is ready for implementation. Please click below link for the full report:

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Lawyer “Worried” About Detained Iranian Protesters After Officials Claim Two Committed Suicide

CHRI – A lawyer representing the families of two detainees who died in custody in Iran after being arrested during protests that erupted across the country in December 2017 is concerned about the fate of current detainees. “How could there be so many suicides in the detention centers without any of the authorities being transparent about it?” attorney Hossein Ahmadiniaz …

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Death Sentence Against Swedish Resident Ahmadreza Djalali Under Review

CHRI – Branch 33 of the Supreme Court in Iran is reviewing the death sentence issued to Ahmadreza Djalali, an Iranian-born academic and Swedish resident accused of “espionage” charges. The judge has asked a deputy prosecutor to give his opinion in February 2018. “My client’s case is currently being studied by a deputy prosecutor in Tehran and his assistant in …

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Rouhani moves to leverage unrest to loosen IRGC grip on economy

Al-Monitor – In the aftermath of the recent protests in Iran, public announcements about a concerted effort to get the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Iranian army (Artesh) to divest from the economy seem to signal that President Hassan Rouhani remains firmly committed to his agenda. Indeed, unlike the past — when civil unrest was quickly assumed by …

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Iran ‘concerned’ by Turkish assault on northern Syria

Al-Monitor – Iran’s Foreign Ministry has expressed hope that Turkey’s airstrikes against the US-backed Syrian Kurdish forces in the northern Syrian city of Afrin will come to a speedy end. The statement falls short of an outright condemnation and shows the complex nature of Syria’s civil war. Bahram Ghassemi, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, said Jan. 21, “The Islamic Republic of …

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