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No More Prayers for Rain: Iranian Studies on Isfahan’s Drought

Iranwire – Protests over the water crisis in Isfahan intensified on Friday, with security forces firing tear gas and what appeared to be birdshot at crowds gathered on the dried-up Zayanderud riverbed. Farmers’ tents were set on fire the day before and several people have been arrested while unrest also spread to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Khuzestan and Yazd provinces. The drought in Isfahan has …

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Isfahan Protests: More Than 120 Detained in Isfahan Central Prison, 3 Possible Deaths

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) – More than 120 people have been arrested and transferred to Isfahan Central Prison after the farmers’ peaceful protests against mismanagement of the water crisis were brutally suppressed. Three of the detainees were taken directly to the “infirmary and morgue” ward of the prison by ambulance, and according to sources they may have been killed. According …

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Iran riot police ‘forcibly’ sweep water protest site

Al-Monitor – Protesters who have been camped out across the drained basin of River Zayandeh Rood in the central Iranian city of Esfahan woke up to a pre-dawn raid by riot police Nov. 25. Videos on social media were replete with chaotic scenes as tents were set on fire, with police teargassing the protesters to put an end to their two-week sit-in. …

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Iran’s FM calls for lifting of sanctions, days before Vienna nuclear talks

Al-Arabia – Iran wants the lifting of all sanctions in a verifiable process, its foreign minister said on Friday, three days before nuclear talks resume in Vienna. Monday’s indirect talks between the United States and Iran, with the participation of major powers, aim at bringing the two countries into full compliance with a 2015 deal. Washington abandoned the accord in 2018 …

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Videos: Tear Gas and Shots Fired on Isfahan Protesters

Iranwire – Farmers and citizens in Isfahan continued to protest on Friday, November 26. Videos posted on social media show security and law enforcement officers dispersing a mass gathering of demonstrators with large volumes of tear gas and what appeared to be birdshot on the dried-up Zayanderud riverbed. Earlier on Friday morning, footage was also shared showing people on motorcycles …

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Kylie Moore-Gilbert: I Can’t Forget My Fellow Prisoners

Iranwire – Kylie Moore-Gilbert, an Australian researcher who was held hostage in Iran for two years, has published a video in Persian on the anniversary of her release to highlight the plight of those still being held unjustly in the Islamic Republic’s prisons. In tweets accompanying the video, Dr. Moore-Gilbert explained that she had never studied Persian but learnt it during her time in …

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Four Decades of Discrimination Against Sunnis in Iran

Iranwire – During the four decades of the Islamic Republic’s rule in Iran, religious, ethnic and religious minorities have faced various forms of discrimination. Some of this can be traced to laws and to some officials’ interpretations of laws and their enforcement. By looking at the situation in the provinces, where minority populations are higher, and by looking at the …

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Juvenile Offender Arman Abdolali is Buried in Tehran

Iranwire – Arman Abdolali, a young Iranian man sentenced to death for a crime allegedly committed when he was a minor, was hanged on November 24. The execution was carried out despite the weak case against him and pleas to Tehran from human rights organizations to spare his life. The young man was buried in the presence of his parents …

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Execution of tortured youth highlights cruelty of Iran’s qesas system

Amnesty – The execution on 24 November 2021 of Arman Abdolali, a 25-year-old man sentenced to death for a crime that took place when he was a child, exposes the cruelty of Iran’s criminal justice system that facilitates the arbitrary deprivation of the right to life, perpetuates the cycle of violence and perversely seeks to place the responsibility for state-sanctioned …

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