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Who Keeps Iran Out in the Cold?

gatestoneinstitute.org – The argument [to bring Iran “in from the cold”] is that the Islamic Republic is behaving badly because, “excluded” from the outside world, it feels like a threatened lone wolf and thus obliged to adopt an aggressive posture. The most persistent peddlers of that bill of goods have been US President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State …

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U.S. Navy Says It Rescued Two Iranians Adrift In Gulf Of Oman

RFL/RE – The United States Navy said on November 28 that it had rescued two Iranian mariners who had been adrift aboard a fishing vessel for eight days in the Gulf of Oman. The navy cargo ship Charles Drew was sent to the scene on November 27 with food, water, and medical personnel after a distress call was received, U.S. …

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U.S. ‘Deeply Concerned’ After Iranian Crackdown On Protests Over Water Shortages

RFL/RE – The United States has expressed deep concern after security forces in Iran cracked down on demonstrators protesting crippling water shortages. Security forces on November 26 fired tear gas at stone-throwing demonstrators as some 500 people gathered on the desiccated bed of the Zayandehrud River, which runs through the city of Isfahan. Hassan Karami, an Iranian police general, said …

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Isfahan’s Water Crisis: How Did We Get Here?

Iranwire – A haze of tear gas hangs over the dried-up Zayanderud riverbed. Motorcycle-riding riot police attack ordinary citizens as they stand, row upon row, chanting “Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, we are all together”. Shouts of “Scoundrels, scoundrels” follow. Images and videos posted on social media on November 26 showed yet another mass rally by Isfahan’s farmers and people in …

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Iranian Security Forces Arrest Dozens of Protesters in Isfahan Area, Disrupt Internet Service Across Country

VOA – Scattered internet outages and slowdowns were reported across Iran Saturday, as the government cracked down on water protests in Isfahan this past week. Dozens of protesters in the Isfahan region reportedly were arrested by government security forces to clamp down on the protests, although smaller protests have been reported in other parts of the country. Amateur video posted …

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At least 100 persons wounded during Iran protests in Isfahan

Irann-HRM – At least 100 persons were wounded during the attack by the Iranian regime troops on the peaceful demonstration of the farmers and people of Isfahan. An upwards of 300 have reportedly been arrested and detained during the protests. The Iranian regime’s security forces opened fire on the protesters in the vicinity of Khajou Bridge of Isfahan. Many were shot in …

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Isfahan Protests: Arrests Continue

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) – More protesters were transferred to Isfahan Central Prison this afternoon after being arrested at the farmers’ peaceful protests against the mismanagement of the water crisis. At least 30 protesters have sustained injuries to their eyes and are being at the Alzahra and Amin Hospitals. Homes of suspected protesters are being raided and yet more detained. …

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Maryam Khakpour, Second Woman Executed on Drug Charges Since 2017

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) – Maryam Khakpour was executed for drug-related charges in Isfahan Central Prison. At least 105 prisoners, including two woman, have been executed on drug-related charges in Iranian prisons in 2021. According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, a woman was executed in Isfahan Central Prison (Dastgerd) on November 25. Her identity has been established as …

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Videos: Tear Gas and Shots Fired on Isfahan Protesters

Iranwire – Farmers and citizens in Isfahan continued to protest on Friday, November 26. Videos posted on social media show security and law enforcement officers dispersing a mass gathering of demonstrators with large volumes of tear gas and what appeared to be birdshot on the dried-up Zayanderud riverbed. Earlier on Friday morning, footage was also shared showing people on motorcycles …

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