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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Rouhani under fire over criticism of Shiite Imams

AL-Monitor – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is facing a backlash over his latest comments about no one being above criticism — including Islamic rulers. Rouhani’s claims that even Prophet Muhammad welcomed criticism by others has raised many objections among Iranian clerics who are now demanding that the president take back his words and not comment on religious matters in the future.

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Will Iran’s Parliamentary Visit to Evin Prison Bear Fruit?

HRW – This coming Sunday a group of Iranian parliamentarians plan to visit Evin prison in Tehran, where dozens of political prisoners are held, the head of the parliamentary judiciary commission, Allahyar Alishahi, has announced. During recent protests, more than 3,700 people were arrested across Iran, and dozens of these people are held in Evin prison. Parliament requested the visit …

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The US just changed course in Syria — and could now look to confront Iran

businessinsider – The US’s 2,000 or so forces in Syria will directly oppose Iran’s 70,000. Sgt. Matthew Callahan/US Marine Corps Secretary of State Rex Tillerson laid out the US’s new strategy in Syria, and he named combating Iran’s influence and its threat to US interests as a main goal.The US has just 2,000 troops in Syria while Iran has an …

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Will Iran turn Azerbaijan into another Iraq?

Al-Arabia – Azerbaijan’s government and many intellectual Iraqis feel deeply worried by what they view as Iran’s manipulation of Shiite Muslims. Security forces in Azerbaijan recently submitted a report to the government saying that Iran “increased its capabilities” in some areas in the country, and they now think that many people are under Iran’s influence. The report raised the government’s …

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Qassameh, “an Oath to Kill” a defendant in Iran

Iran Human Rights –  Mojtaba Ghiasvand was hanged at Rajai Shahr Prison on October 30, 2017, while there was no hard evidence proving his guilt and his verdict was issued through Qassameh. According to a close source, Mojtaba Ghiasvand was executed at Rajai Shahr Prison on Monday, October 30, 2017. “A person was killed during a tribal dispute in Loshan, …

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In Iran: A Scientist’s Appeal for Retrial

Iran Human Rights –  Ahmad Reza Jalali (Djalali), Iranian physician and researcher whose death sentence was approved by the Supreme Court, is requesting a retrial. According to a close source, Ahmad Reza Djalali’s death sentence was approved by branch 1 of the Supreme Court in November, but he has requested a retrial. Being formally invited by Tehran University, Ahmad Reza …

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