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Monthly Archives: January 2018

How Rouhani can use protests to advance reform

Al-Monitor – On the fourth day into the protests in Iran, key questions remain unanswered, although some emerging trends are providing important clues as to what might come next. Having first begun in the northeastern city of Mashhad, the protests have now spread to most Iranian cities. However, major urban centers such as Tehran and Tabriz have not yet seen …

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Rohani Says Iranians ‘Absolutely Free’ To Protest, But Warns Against Violence

RFL/RE – Iranian President Hassan Rohani says citizens are “absolutely free” to criticize the authorities and protest, but he warned against violence as demonstrations, unrest, and detentions continued for the fourth day in cities throughout the country. Rohani’s comments on December 31 came as the authorities attempted to quell the unrest with warnings to protesters and by blocking popular social-media …

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