Saturday , 17 April 2021

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Model Arrested, Bare Protester Condemned, Prosecutor Says

Radiozmaneh – A foreign model who had traveled to Iran to undergo plastic surgery has been arrested, Tehran Prosecutor Mahmoud Jafari Dowlatabadi announced. In a meeting last week with his deputies Dowlatabadi said the judiciary has opened a case and is investigating media reports abroad that foreign actors and models are travelling to Iran for the purposes of cosmetic surgery. …

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Saeed Mortazavi and Zahra Kazemi’s Unresolved File

Radiozmaneh – There are currently five open cases against Tehran’s Former Prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi; however, after 14 years he has still not been charged for the death of Zahra Kazemi, the Iranian-Canadian photojournalist who died while in custody as a result of his treatment by the prison authorities. Stephan Hachemi, Zahra Kazemi’s son hold his mother identification card The charges …

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Political Prisoner With Suspended Sentence Remains Detained While Same Judge Reviews Case – Iran’s Supreme Court has suspended the 15-year prison sentence of ailing political prisoner Hadi Ghaemi and referred it to the Appeals Court, but the 67-year-old will not be released despite posting bail while the same judge who sentenced him reviews his case. Ghaemi’s son Yousef Ghaemi told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that his father’s …

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Iran: Spurious charges for human rights defender: Mansoureh Behkish

Amnesty – Iranian human rights defender Mansoureh Behkish is facing trumped-up national security charges for peacefully defending the right to truth and justice concerning the mass killings of political prisoners, including her siblings and brother-in-law, during the 1980s in Iran. If imprisoned, she would be a prisoner of conscience. View report in English

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Gold cup tells of rich Persian craftsmanship in Iron Age

PayvandNews – This exquisite Persian (Iranian) artwork which dates back to the early 1st millennium BC boldly reveals the skills accomplished Persian goldsmiths possessed during the Iron Age II. The artwork is being kept at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Cup with a frieze of gazelles The information provided by the museum about this artwork: Period: Iron …

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