Saturday , 20 August 2022

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Q&A: Abjeez Sisters Band Calls on Iran to End Ban on Women in Stadiums

CHRI – The world pop band “Abjeez,” Persian slang for “sisters,” was born out of a desire by lead singers Safoura and Melody Safavi to discuss social justice issues in Iran through their music. Influenced by a mixture of styles including Reggae, Flamenco, Ska, and rock, the duo band has released three studio albums since 2007, including several singles.

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Judiciary Chief Defends Police Officer Who Beat Young Woman

Radiofarda – Iran’s hardline Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani has defended the actions of a police officer who beat a young woman in Tehran last week for “insufficient hijab”. In his regular Monday address April 23, Larijani said “No one should be allowed to resist a lawful action by the police, or to insult a law enforcement officer.” A …

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Iranian Elite, Strangers In Their Own Homeland

Radiofarda – Kaveh Madani, a young Iranian environmental scientist living abroad who returned home full of hope last year to serve as the vice-chairman of Iran’s Department of Environment, resigned April 19 on Twitter while outside the country. The scandal surrounding his departure again brings to light a question that the Iranian diaspora has been debating for decades: Does one …

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U.N Conference On NPT Opens With Representatives Supporting JCPOA

Radiofarda – The top U.N disarmament officials made statements in support of the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday at a U.N nuclear non-proliferation conference in Geneva.

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Ahwaz Majlis MP Says 150 Arab Protesters Still In Prison For Protests Over State-Run TV Discrimination

Iran-HRM – The Ahwaz MP confirmed that around 150 protesters who had participated in recent demonstrations in this town were still in detention. In an interview published Saturday in the state-run Etemad Daily, Kazem Nasab al-Baji called the Ahwaz protests “peaceful” and “controlled”.

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