Thursday , 21 September 2023

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Iranians call for resignation of Tehran mayor over high-rise collapse

Al-Monitor – Iranians are outraged and saddened by the destruction of the country’s oldest high-rise, the Plasco building, which collapsed Jan. 19 after being engulfed by fire. The 17-story structure, completed in 1962, was the center of clothing production in Tehran. The presence of textiles may have led to the rapid spread of the flames along with building managers’ having ignored repeated warnings about the lack of adherence to fire …

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PHOTOS: 30 Firefighters Die, Over 100 People Missing As Tehran High-Rise Collapses After Fire

PayvandNews – A massive fire erupted on Thursday in a mega mall in downtown Tehran, the city’s most populous area, bringing the whole the 17-story building down. Thirty firefighters have lost their lives, according to IRIB. Death toll is expected to rise. More than 100 people are estimated to have been trapped under rubble. Plasko Shopping Center in Tehran engulfed in …

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PHOTOS: Iran’s president test-drives electric car on National Clean Air Day

PayvandNews – On the sidelines of a cabinet session on Wednesday, Rouhani took a tour by some of his ministers to check the products of three knowledge-based companies manufacturing electric cars and motorcycles. The Iranian president was briefed on the capabilities and quality of the products, including the two-seat electric car Yooz, produced by the Islamic Azad University of Qazvin, …

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Conflicting Casualty Reports In Tehran Tower Collapse

RFL/RE – There were conflicting reports of casualties after a high-rise building in downtown Tehran caught fire and collapsed. The Associated Press cited Iran’s Press TV as saying that 30 firefighters were killed, without giving a source. A fire brigade spokesman said that such reports were irresponsible as rescue efforts were still ongoing, but added that he feared some …

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UN needs to ‘push’ Iran on arms embargo

Al-Arabia – The United Nations Security Council needs to push Iran to abide by an arms embargo, outgoing US Ambassador Samantha Power said on Wednesday amid UN concerns that Tehran has supplied weapons and missiles to Hezbollah. Most UN sanctions were lifted a year ago under a deal Iran made with Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia, the United States and …

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