Friday , 8 December 2023

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Word on the Street after Moderate’s Landslide Win in Iran

Radiozmaneh – Iranian people came to streets to celebrate the victory of Hassan Rouhani, the moderate candidate in Iran’s twelfth presidential election. Rouhani secured 57% of the 40 million votes Iranian cast. He defeated the hardliner candidate Ebrahim Raisi, a former notorious prosecutor and jurist, who received 38.5% or 15.7 million of the votes. Zamaneh has reached a number of Iranian …

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In wake of Rouhani’s win, conservative rivals vow to remain on scene

Al-monitor – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who promised more interaction with the world and more social freedoms, won re-election May 19 with 57% of the vote. His conservative rival, Ebrahim Raisi, who received approximately 16 million votes to Rouhani’s 23 million, conceded defeat but vowed to remain a loyal opposition, as did large swaths of conservative media in the country. …

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Rouhani -‘People were “the real winner” of the election!’

RFL/RE – President Hassan Rohani has been declared the outright winner with nearly all the ballots counted from Iran’s May 19 presidential election, a seemingly emphatic endorsement of the incumbent’s efforts to reengage internationally and seek modest reforms within Iran’s clerically dominated society. Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said Rohani won 57 percent of the vote versus 38.5 percent for …

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Iran President Rouhani Wins Second Term

VOA – Iran has returned President Hassan Rouhani to office. State television Saturday declared Rouhani the winner of the presidential vote, easily beating out his closest opponent, hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi. With nearly all the votes counted, Rouhani won well over half of the votes among the four candidates. Massive voter turnout Friday prompted election authorities to extend voting hours …

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Iran Presidential Vote Pits ‘Engagement’ Against ‘Self-Reliance’

RFL/RE – Iranians are voting in a four-man presidential race that could reinvigorate efforts for an economic and diplomatic thaw with the West or draw the curtain on a four-year interlude in hard-line domination at all levels of government. By Golnaz Esfandiari The incumbent, relative moderate Hassan Rohani, and a conservative former prosecutor, Ebrahim Raisi, are widely regarded as the …

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