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Defending the Sacred Regime in Iran with Baton Wielding School Kids

Radiozamaneh – Iranian authorities appear to have once more fallen back on their old way of dealing with people’s protests. By: Taher Khaljani January 5, 2018 at 7:47 am The continued street protests of Iranian citizens has caught Iranian government by surprise. At first they tried to completely deny the existence of protests. Then for the first time in the …

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Iran: Running Under the Howling Bullets

Radiozamaneh – The experience of the protests in Iran’s streets is very different from the reports we are getting in the state media. What is going on in the streets of Iran? Are they chanting slogans against the government? Are protesters demanding regime change or are their demands related to the ailing economy, unemployment and hunger? Are protesters chanting in …

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Iran: One Prisoner Hanged in Rajai Shahr Prison

Iran Human Rights –  On the morning of Thursday, two prisoners from Varamin were executed at Rajai Shahr Prison. The official media had earlier reported the execution of a juvenile offender at the same prison. According to a close source, on the morning of Thursday January 4, a prisoner named Abolfazl Ghorbani was executed at Rajai Shahr Prison. He was …

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Iran: Juvenile Offender, Amir Hossein Pourjafar Executed

Iran Human Rights –  Amir Hossein Pourjafar, who was charged with rape and murder when he was less than 16 years old, was executed at Rajai Shahr Prison today, This is despite the fact that the international laws strictly ban execution of minor offenders. According to a report by Fars News, on the morning of Thursday January 4, Amir Hossein …

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Iranian Kurds hesitant about joining protests

Al-Monitor – Shirin is unsure about what to make of the recent protests that have rocked Iran, including the 35-year-old’s hometown of Sanandaj in the heart of Iranian Kurdistan. The region is afflicted with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. “The atmosphere in Sanandaj is intimidating, with so many armed security forces standing by the side of …

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