Saturday , 10 June 2023

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Protest Outside Tehran Prison In Support Of Hunger Striking Activist Arash Sadeghi

RFL/RE – Dozens of Iranians have taken part in a rare demonstration outside Tehran’s Evin prison to express their support for a jailed activist on hunger strike, Arash Sadeghi. Arash Sadeghi has reportedly been refusing to eat for more than two months. Sadeghi is protesting the October 24 arrest of his wife, Golrokh Ebrahimi. Sadeghi, a philosophy student who is …

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Rohani Reassures Iranians Amid Currency’s Drop

RFL/RE – President Hassan Rohani says that the exchange rates of the rial against foreign currencies “will not remain at current levels.” President Hassan Rohani has told Iranians the government will work to protect the country’s market stability amid a downfall in the Iranian currency to record lows. “I am optimistic about the country’s economic situation and…I want to reassure …

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Turkmenistan Halts Gas Exports To Iran Over Payment Dispute

RFL/RE – Turkmenistan has “suddenly” halted gas supplies to Iran in a dispute between the two countries over arrears, the Iranian National Gas Company says. “The gas company of Turkmenistan has cut gas exports to Iran, contrary to the agreement reached, by demanding immediate payment of arrears,” the Iranian National Gas Company said in a January 1 statement. The statement …

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Iran Official Calls For Sterilization For Sex Workers, Homeless Drug Addicts

RFL/RE – An Iranian official has called for the sterilization of female sex workers and homeless drug addicts in Tehran to prevent “social harm.” Siavash Shahrivar, head of the Social and Cultural Affairs Department in the Tehran Governorate, said those women should be “convinced” to undergo sterilization. “There is a reality, a view, agreed on by many NGOs and the …

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Iran assigns new ambassador to Syria after three months’ vacancy

Al-Arabia – Iran has announced a new ambassador to Syria after three months of the role going unfilled due to reports of disagreements on who should fill the role. Javad Turk Abadi was named to the role after the previous ambassador completed his mission three months ago. The office remained vacant due to reports of disagreements between Iran’s foreign ministry …

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