Sunday , 2 April 2023

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Iran’s Foreign Currency Markets In Chaos Despite Central Bank Intervention

Radiofarda – One week after the Rouhani administration announced the government-imposed rate of 42,000 rials against every US dollar, chaos and ambiguity in Iran’s foreign exchange market continue. In an attempt to control the free fall, the Rouhani administration announced an imposed rate of 42,000 rials to the U.S. dollar April 10, in addition to other protective measures. Some street …

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Three Men Sentenced To Five Years Of Prison For Social Media Activity In Miscarriage Of Justice

Iran-HRM – According to reports, a Tehran appeals court sentenced three men identified as Alireza Tavakoli, Mohammad Mehdi Zamanzadeh and Mohammad Mohajer for expressing their beliefs on Facebook and Telegram to five years of prison on charges of acting against national security and blasphemy. A source close to these three internet activists said that they had been detained in Evin …

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Iran: Isfahan Farmers Detained In Night Raids For Protesting Water Rights

Iran-HRM – At around 3 am, on Sunday April 15, agents of the Intelligence Agency raided farmers’ home in Khorasgan in Isfahan and detained a number of them. Reports indicate that 10 farmers were detained during the raid. According to a source a number of those arrested were identified by the police for only being present in the Khorasgan area …

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Man Detained For Filming Systematic Police Corruption In Sistan And Baluchestan

Iran-HRM – Reports indicate that a Baluch man identified as Nasir Jat who had filmed security force trying to take a bribe from a gasoline tanker driver was arrested on Tuesday April 10. The man had also filmed the violent arrest of the driver by the police.

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Iran: Kurd Merchant Killed After Crashing In Police Chase

Iran-HRM -According to reports, the car of a Kurd merchant from Marivan, identified as Rahman Jamshidi from Seif Alia Village, overturned after he was chased by government military forces. He was severely injured as a result. The Kurd merchant passed away on April 14 after a few days of hospitalization due to the severity of his injuries.

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