Thursday , 21 October 2021

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U.S. Issues License For Sale Of More Than 100 Commercial Planes To Iran

RFL/RE – The United States has issued a second license to France’s Airbus to sell more than 100 commercial planes to Iran. Airbus in September received a license to sell 17 planes to Tehran. Officials said that the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control on November 21 gave the French manufacturer permission to sell 106 more planes to …

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More Than 1,000 Iranian Fighters Killed In Syrian Conflict

RFL/RE – More than 1,000 Iranian fighters have been killed in the war in Syria, the head of Iran’s Foundation of Martyrs said on November 22. “Now the number of Iran’s martyrs as defenders of shrines has exceeded 1,000,” Mohammadali Shahidi Mahallati, head of the Foundation of Martyrs, which supports the relatives of those killed fighting for Iran, was quoted …

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Young Iranians protest over ‘harsh lashings’ by police

AlArabia – Young Iranians accused of breaking their country’s moral codes have been uploading photos on social media of injuries sustained from lashings by police. The Facebook page My Stealthy Freedom, which usually known for posting photos of Iranian women without their headscarf, showed photos of the harsh punishments after young Iranians were caught in mixed-gendered parties. A party where …

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US-Iranian citizen convicted in US for trying to buy missiles for Iran

AlAarabia – A dual citizen of Iran and the United States was found guilty on Tuesday on charges that he tried to help acquire surface-to-air missiles and aircraft components for the government of Iran in violation of US sanctions. Reza Olangian, 56, was convicted by a federal jury in Manhattan on all four counts he faced, including conspiring to acquire …

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Iranian MP Compares Prosecutor’s Abrupt Cancellation of His Speech to ISIS Tactics – Following the abrupt cancellation of his speech by a prosecutor, the Iranian Parliament’s Deputy Speaker Ali Motahhari has written to the president calling for an investigation into the incident, while comparing it to the tactics used by the Arab terrorist group the Islamic State, which Iranians refer to as Daesh. “I wonder whether these Daesh-type actions are carried …

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